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Kentucky offers 30 different accredited schools with psychology degrees at all levels - undergraduate and graduate. There are a number of online psychology programs that you might consider. The most popular route for people in Kentucky is psychological counseling. Working with patients to find better behavioral patterns and responses can truly change lives, which is what makes psychology such a rewarding career choice.

While exact salaries depend on the individual's experience, people that obtained the appropriate degrees and proper licensure can earn anywhere from $35,000 to nearly $85,000 per year working in Kentucky. With the majority of new students being attracted to big cities like Lexington and Morehead, these could be good places to start looking for the right school.

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University Level Program Admissions
University of West Alabama
Bachelor Online Bachelor of Psychology Website
George Mason University
Master Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology Website
Rivier University
Bachelor Online BA in Psychology Website
University of West Alabama
Master Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology Website
Simmons University
Master Masters in Behavior Analysis Website

Eastern Kentucky University: Online Master's in Psychology - Applied Behavior Analysis

Online Psychology degree programs in the state of Kentucky can be found with focus in multiple treatment areas currently utilized in the field. One prominent program currently offered through Eastern Kentucky University is an online Master's in Psychology with emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis.

What you could study

This 2-year degree program seeks to help students learn the basics of identifying problematic behaviors and introducing interventions that can assist with redirecting clients towards positive behaviors for maximum utilization. Using the psychological concepts of behavior conditioning, this field can be a great additive to your path towards licensing in Kentucky.


Throughout your program, you may have the opportunity to learn more about conducting assessments, collecting data, and writing intervention plans for clients in need. Common treatment areas for individuals in ABA include autism therapy, addictions, and mental health disorders.

This program could be a great resource for you as you navigate the path to licensure in Kentucky. This program and many others can offer you high-quality learning programs that can contribute to your success in later doctoral degree programs.

Morehead State University

Morehead State University, located in Morehead, Kentucky, offers a range of degree programs created to provide learners with the most beneficial learning experience. Morehead State has a reputable staff that is dedicated to providing learners with the best hands on experience throughout the state.

About their Bachelor's program

This school is now offering a new bachelor’s degree program designed specifically for students with an interest in neuroscience. Students are drawn to Morehead State due to the thorough and legitimate curriculum, taking part in experimental studies, study groups, and major-specific classes. New students at Morehead State can expect to see classes such as: Neuropsychology, Research Methods, and Behavior Modification.

Steps to Become a Psychologist in Kentucky

  1. In the state of Kentucky, your first major step towards the pursuit of a career in Psychology is finding and enrolling in an undergraduate program in this field. Many learners complete both the Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology in order to potentially qualify for a wider range of doctoral degree programs in the future. Each program can potentially be a valuable stepping-stone filled with knowledge relevant to higher tier degree programs in this field. You can possibly complete both of these programs within 5-6 years if you are attending your programs at full-time enrollment.
  2. The second step for you to achieve on your path is finding a licensure-approved doctoral program in Psychology to participate in. The American Psychological Association should be your leading source of information about doctoral degree programs leading to licensure, since it is the most prominent accreditation agency for psychologists in the U.S. Most state licensing organizations require that you complete an APA-accredited program to be considered for approval. The doctoral program consists of both in-person and clinical experience components that can help strengthen your clinical abilities in the field.
  3. The third step of your journey to becoming a psychologist includes clinical experience during and after your doctoral degree program. The first portion of your clinical experience requirement is worked into your degree program - likely in different semesters. You are given credit for the experience you gain during the last years of your doctoral program. Once you graduate, you should participate in a clinical experience setting under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Your state requires that you document this experience in order to receive credit for all hours earned.
  4. Completing all paperwork and documentation requirements in your state is another important step in the process to becoming a psychologist. Most states have a specific application packet to be filled out, along with background checks, requirements for college transcripts, and release forms. After completing all of your education and supervision requirements, you should begin this process through your state's licensing division in order to move on to the final steps in the process.
  5. The final step for all applicants in Psychology-based licensing is participating in national board examinations. Your state can approve you for testing once you have successfully completed all educational and documentation requirements. You may also be required to submit all application and testing fees prior to receiving a test date. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) must be successfully passed and scores sent to your licensing board before you are licensed to practice as a psychologist in your state.

Psychology Scholarships in Kentucky

Enrolling into a degree program can be an exciting experience, especially for new collegiate learners that are just beginning their path towards their future careers. The cost of higher education in the U.S. makes it necessary to consider outside sources of funding for your program in order to lessen the financial burden that graduate level education can place on a new student.

Many incoming students consider traditional funding means like federal grants and student loans, while others utilize work-study programs through their schools to help offset some of the costs. Even while receiving these methods of funding, you can seek out scholarships to help providing yourself with extra financial cushion for the journey ahead.

Research scholarships and fellowships for doctorate level programs

Scholarship options like the Deborah Braffman Schroeder Research Scholarship and Donald J. Kiesler Memorial Research Fellowship can be available for learners entering into doctoral level Psychology programs and seeking out funding sources for their upcoming research in these programs.

Alternative funding options at local and state levels

Alternative funding options like the Evelyn Gunst Scholarship Fund could also be available to learners pursuing a career in Psychology at varies stages of the educational process. You are encouraged to seek out scholarship opportunities within your local area, at the state level, and even through national organizations along the way.

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Psychology Degrees in Kentucky

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Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Kentucky Psychology Licensing

  • Your path to licensing in Kentucky takes focus within your APA-accredited doctoral program in Psychology. These programs were developed to encompass vast educational courses focusing on direct practice, as well as internships to help you practice your skills alongside licensed practitioners. The first half of your supervised experience component can be completed throughout this part of your path, making it important to maintain records of your experience hours beginning at this point.
  • Before beginning the second half of your supervision requirements, your state requires that you apply for a temporary license from the Kentucky Board of Examiners in Psychology. The temporary license application should accompany a $200 application fee and letters of recommendation from professional affiliates in the field. This state may also require that you submit official transcripts from your undergraduate and graduate degree programs for consideration at this time as well. Once you have completed this step and have received authorization, you can move on to the completion of the second half of your supervision component.
  • The state of Kentucky requires that you complete a total of 3,600 hours of supervision to be considered for licensing. The doctoral program that you completed prior to this step consisted of the first 1,800 hours needed to meet this goal. After receiving your temporary license, you can begin gaining hours towards your remaining 1,800 hours under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist within your area of practice. Most learners engaging in this experience at a full-time rate can be finished within 1 year of beginning.
  • The temporary licensed issued by the state of Kentucky can also permit you to move forward to licensing examinations once your supervision hours are complete. All applicants for the psychologist license may be required to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) as part of their overall requirements. This multiple choice test may test your knowledge of practical guidelines, assessment, diagnosis, and ethics within professional practice. The Board may require that you have your scores sent directly to them after passing in order to be approved for full licensing.
  • Completing your supervision component and passing the EPPP could essentially be considered the last big steps towards becoming a licensed psychologist in Kentucky. Once you have met these milestones, you can submit your final and full application for licensing to your state board. The state requires that you also pay a $250 licensing fee at this time prior to receiving your license in the mail. Most applicants state that the wait time between submitting all required information and receiving your license could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the functionality of the board during this time.
  • The state of Kentucky requires that its psychologists submit license renewal documents and applications every 3 years throughout the duration of their professional practice. During this time period, you must also provide proof that you have completed 39 hours of continuing education credits, which can be finished through approved course work or conferences relevant to your field. The fee for license renewal for psychologists is currently $100 when utilizing the online renewal system.

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

Kentucky Board of Examiners of PsychologyThe Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology is located in Frankfort, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology
P.O Box 1360
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602
Phone (502) 564-3296

Psychology Career Options in Kentucky

Clinical psychology is not the only path that can prove to be financially beneficial for Kentuckians. There are several different paths such as Counseling, Experimental, and Therapy that learners can take part in. Regardless of whether or not an individual chooses to take the undergraduate or graduate route, there are successful professions all around the state that are a living example of both.

The state of Kentucky provides ample reference information for individuals inquiring about state licensure laws. A licensure exam can be applied for and taken by registering directly through the state of Kentucky website. Once all information has been submitted correctly and the exam passed, applicants will be ready to look for work throughout the state. There is constantly a need for qualified psychologist in the state of Kentucky and it is easy to get started.

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List of Online Psychology Degrees

All Psychology Programs

Asbury Theological Seminary
Wilmore KY
  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling (M.A. in Mental Health Counseling)
Asbury University
Wilmore KY
  • Psychology Major
Bellarmine University
Louisville KY
  • Psychology Major
Berea College
Berea KY
  • Psychology B.A.
Brescia University
Owensboro KY
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Centre College
Danville KY
  • Psychology Major
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond KY
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.S.)
  • Master of Science in General Psychology
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • School Psychology Program (Psy.S.)
Georgetown College
Georgetown KY
  • Psychology Major (B.A. degree)
Kentucky Christian University
Grayson KY
  • Bachelor of Science, Counseling Psychology
Kentucky State University
Frankfort KY
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Owensboro KY
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia KY
  • BA Degree in Human Services & Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology 
  • BS Degree Psychophysiology
Midway University
Midway KY
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Morehead State University
Morehead KY
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology counseling psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology clinical psychology
Murray State University
Murray KY
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology
  • M.A. or M.S in Clinical Psychology
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights KY
  • B.A. or B.S. in Psychology
  • Master's degree in Industrial- Organizational Psychology
Owensboro Community and Technical College
Owensboro KY
  • Psychology (OCTC Associate in Arts)
Somerset Community College
Somerset KY
  • Transfer degree (AA-T) in Psychology
Thomas More College
Crestview Hills KY
Transylvania University
Lexington KY
  • Psychology Major
Union College
Barbourville KY
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate Program
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Psychology Major
University of Pikeville
Pikeville KY
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology
University of the Cumberlands
Williamsburg KY
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Online Master’s in Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology Minor
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green KY
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • M.S. in Psychology - Psychological Science
  • Master of Arts in Psychology, Clinical Concentration
  • Specialist in Education: School Psychology