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Most hard-working professionals spend the majority of their waking hours at work. People are taught from a young age to work hard and play later, making the workplace a first priority in their daily lives. While at work, people should feel like they are progressing and making a difference. These feelings of positivity make for an efficient and happy worker.

However, the workplace can sometimes be a place that is difficult to enjoy. Since employees have their own personalities and opinions about what is acceptable in the workplace, more companies have started to employ psychological professionals to investigate and determines proper courses to action for employee satisfaction and progress.

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Organizational psychologists assist with business-related solutions with personnel, human resources, and sales and marketing.

What is Organizational Psychology?

Reaching the public is a major objective of companies, since sales rely on customer relationships. Organizational psychology is a field that is dedicated to business specifically.

This is a specialty field that blends the different concepts of psychology with career applications and testing to determine the most effective working conditions and procedures to boost employee morale and provide the most productive setting. This field is an excellent choice for psychological professionals that are wanting a more diverse and more demanded career overall.

Online Degrees in Organizational Psychology

Since this career field is newly growing in popularity, most interested parties are wanting to know where to start. The great field of psychology is a great place to set a foundation in the field of organizational psychology. Psychology teaches people about human emotion and behavior and how these two factors change depending on different circumstances. Every person has their very own – very different – opinion about how workplaces should conduct their business.

Undergraduate programs in psychology give learners the basic information about the different concepts of psychological health and application of different psychological procedures. The knowledge gained within these programs will provide for a more education professional throughout their career. Students in this program will take courses pertaining to lifetime development, neurology, and abnormal psychology.

Although vast, the concept of psychology all build into one very applicable field in business. After completing a bachelor’s degree, most students interested in organizational psychology will move forward to an appropriate graduate degree program.

Continuing Education: Graduate-Level Organizational Psychology Degrees

Graduate degree programs in organizational psychology can be found at the master’s and doctoral level. These programs narrow down psychological concepts to those that are specific to the organizational psychology program. The most popular program in this field is at the master’s level, which takes about 2 years to complete.

The master’s program involves an in-depth look into individual psychology as well as psychological testing. Testing is a huge part of how organizational psychologists implement different programs in businesses, so the curriculum places a strong focus on this aspect in the master’s degree program. Both the master’s and doctoral programs require that students take part in some clinical training, which requires students to work with professionals in the field, implementing tests and scrutinizing the results in order to determine proper procedures for different companies. The doctoral program can take longer to complete, with most programs lasting 4-5 years post baccalaureate.

Why Consider an Organizational Psychology Degree?

Psychology students are drawn to the organizational field due to its growth in popularity. Since more businesses are seeking these professionals to improve employee morale and boost production, more students are working hard to get into this field. Companies struggling from marketing problems and other business oriented practices can use the insight of organizational psychologists to provide solutions to reaching the public or dealing with clients.

What to Expect in the Professional Setting

As a psychological professional, individuals in this field have the knowledge of human nature that is needed to truly reach both employees and customers alike. Business know and respect the idea that professionals in this field can be a priceless addition to their corporation. As of now, the demand of these workers is high, so it is a great field to get started in. While working as an organizational psychologist, professionals will meet with organizations to determine a proper course of action for their desires.

Most companies want to ensure that the working conditions of their companies provide an environment that encourages workers to work at their highest potential. Administering psychological based tests in order to determine the type of employees in a company and how they feel about the working conditions will give professionals an idea on where to start. If employees feel unhappy or unsafe in certain conditions, organizational psychologists will recommend safety-enhancing procedures as well as standards of treatment for employees. In big businesses, it is difficult to keep a close eye on every employee, so the importance of a psychological professional is high. As a professional in this field, psychologists will lend a helping hand in the testing and application of business-based improvement procedures.

Since this field has grown to such a successful career option, more college students are looking toward this path for their career. For the time being, the demand outweighs the supply of these professionals, making it a smart choice for individuals wanting a profitable career. Earnings in this field are well beyond the expectations of other psychological-based fields.

Salaries for Organizational Psychologists
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that those in this field can earn around $90,070 per year on average. For professionals, this median amount is a drawing factor that is difficult to turn away from. Earnings vary depending on location and experience.

Salaries Vary by Company
Some companies are even willing to pay well beyond the median wage to ensure that they provide the most effective working conditions for their employees. As professionals progress through this career path, the experience they gain will contribute to better opportunities and better reliability.

A Note on Travel
Even though travel is highly associated with careers in this field, the pay and the respect gained in this position outweigh the strain that the traveling may cause. For individuals with drive and determination towards having a career that is sought out by employers throughout the country, organizational psychology is a career choice that will satisfy their needs.

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