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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The median income for psychology professionals in California is remarkably higher than most other states. Coming in at $80,530 per year, the median provides initiative to learners that wish to pursue a psychology degree in this state. Popular psychology degrees range from Clinical Psychology to Marriage and Family Therapy.

Socially oriented counseling careers are popular in California due to the celebrity nature of the area. Criminal psychology is also a growing field in which psychologists work with police to determine meaning and solutions to crimes. Forensic Psychology is a degree program that continues to grow in popularity, providing students with the opportunity to take part in criminal investigations.

There are a number of psychology programs that offer education in social programs and scientific research. When students obtain their degree, there will still be a need to be licensed by the state of California. California offers assistance to graduates in search of training programs and testing to obtain licensure.

California Board of Psychology

california-board-of-psychologyThe California Board of Psychology is located in Sacramento.

California Board of Psychology
1625 North Market Blvd.
Suite N-215
Sacramento, California 95834
Phone: (916) 574-7720

School Spotlight: Stanford University

One of the most prestigious schools for psychology in California is Stanford University. Located in Stanford, California, Stanford University is known for its impeccable degree programs and thorough training curriculum. There are a range of different degrees specialties that students can choose from.

Effective Science, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, and Neuroscience are the program areas in which Stanford offers degrees. When a student chooses a program, advisers work hard to make sure students obtain their degree in the shortest time possible. The undergraduate program involves a rigorous selection of courses such as Statistics, Longevity, and Ethics.

Stanford’s graduate program includes degree paths for students seeking a master’s degree of Ph.D. Depending on the path that student’s take, their experience at Stanford can be rewarding and enlightening.