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The online Master's in Psychology can be an excellent resource degree for upcoming practitioners in this field. Many prospects of the fields of counseling, social work, and mental health may find it beneficial to consider online degree programs so that they can continue their careers while completing their programs.

Master's programs in Psychology may also have specialization options to help you gain expertise in areas that interest you the most. The general Psychology program at the master's level could be a great option for future educators or students that plan to move forward into doctoral level programs.

Online Master's Programs For This Program

Universities offering online master's options in this field can be found all across the country.

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Arizona State University's Online Master's in Psychology

Arizona State University is a current provider of online Master's in Psychology programs suitable for upcoming psychological professionals.

ASU's online degree program consists of 12 total courses that can be finished in around 2 years. Each course within this curriculum lasts 7.5 weeks and can be taken alone or with up to 3 other courses, making it an excellent option for students interested in expedited degree programs towards their career goals.

Purdue University's Online Master's in Psychology

Purdue University also offers an innovative and exciting online Master's in Psychology program for intrigued learners. This program requires 60-75 credit hours for completion and has an estimated completion time frame of 2-3 years.

Student in Purdue's online program can take up to 4 classes at a time, with courses lasting 10 weeks each. This program could provide great flexibility and convenience to currently professionals seeking higher tier career options.

Sample Online Courses for the Masters

As you move into Master's in Psychology programs in the online environment, your abilities to problem solve and engage in self-discipline may begin to increase through regular practice. Master's programs typically encourage students to be more independent in their thinking and engage in self-determination throughout the process.

Research Methodology in Psychology

The courses included within your master's program can help you learn more about each specific concept of Psychology and its contribution to the field as a whole. Courses like Research Methods in Psychology can be excellent for teaching you how to design, conduct, and learn from research - which is a guiding factor in this field's development.

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis is another common course found within the online Master's in Psychology program. In this class, students can learn to utilize basic statistical methods for research and methodology in Psychology.


Students may participate in practices with inferential and descriptive statistics, as well as learn to differentiate between using different types during their research and data collection. This course may be offered as part of the generalized Psychology program.

University Level Program Admissions
George Mason University Master Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Master Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Master Online Master of Science: Experimental Psychology Website
Antioch University Master MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Master MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health Website

Path To Working In Pyschology

Becoming a professional in the field of Psychology can involve moving through a variety of educational and practical steps. What you want to do within your career can help determine which path would be the most beneficial for you to take.

The Bachelor's in Psychology can be a great first step towards entry-level positions in human services, social work, and with counseling organizations. This can also be a great first degree option for learners moving forward into master's and doctoral programs.

Once you have completed an undergraduate degree program in this field, you can apply for and begin online Master's in Psychology programs at your institution of choice. Master's programs can provide you with generalist expertise in Psychology or provide you with experience in certain specializations within your field.

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Master’s in Psychology

While the master’s may be the most popular degree option for upcoming professionals, those interested in pursuing licensure as Psychologists may choose to enroll in Ph.D. or Doctoral programs in Psychology after the master’s.

In addition to clinical research, participants in doctoral-level programs may also have to participate in on-campus experience requirements and clinicals as part of their graduation requirements. These requirements vary by school and should be researched prior to application and enrollment.

Licensing at the doctoral level is initiated through board certification and application through your state’s board of examiners in this field. Each state has a unique process that involves testing, application, letters of recommendation, and ethical compliance.

Important Psychology Organizations To Know

Transitioning into the field of Psychology can involve constant learning and exploration of research. If you want to enter into the field with support behind you and ample resources to explore, our team recommends that you consider joining professional organizations within your field.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The most popular professional organization for upcoming Psychology professionals is the American Psychological Association (APA). The APA is a leader in Psychological innovation, research, professionalism, and networking in its field.

Members of the APA can have access to resources concerning new findings within the field, as well as information on new treatments becoming available within the field. The APA also helps set the standard for research publication in the field of Psychology.

Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB)

Specialized Psychological organizations can also be helpful for students within specialized degree areas. The Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) is the leading organization for Psychology graduates in Behavior Analysis and the American Academy of Clinical Psychology is the central agency for clinical Psychology professionals.

Psychology Career Options

The field of Psychology is an incredible diverse and fulfilling field for upcoming mental health professionals. One of the most interesting aspects about choosing to pursue this field is that career options can be available for graduates at each degree level.

Bachelor’s graduates in Psychology may have access to many different entry-level careers in social services, mental health, and human services. Career experience at this level can be excellent for future counseling or Psychological professionals and can provide income during higher education degree programs.

Psychologist Licensure

While Psychologist licensure is only available to doctoral graduates, there are certification programs available at the master’s level for Psychology students. Some career options for master’s-level Psychology graduates include Behavior Analyst, Social Service Supervisor, and Psychology Instructor.

In some cases, students engaging in Counseling Psychology degree programs may qualify for state licensure based on the accreditation of their degree program. If you are interested in pursuing counseling careers through Psychology programs, be sure to validate the accreditation of your program prior to entry.

Students that complete doctoral training in the field of Psychology can move forward into careers as Clinical Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, or Research Psychologists throughout their career. These careers can contribute significantly to the well-being of clients and the increased efficiency of the field as a whole.

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