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The field of Psychology is an incredibly in-depth scientific field for learners that may be intrigued by the human brain and its processes. Psychology as a professional field can extend into many different professional realms, making it an excellent choice for upcoming college students looking for a well-rounded and socially-significant career choice.

As you begin your search for relevant degree programs, you have the option to begin your studies at different degree levels. Some learners may choose to begin with the first available degree program, the Associates in Psychology.

The AA or AS in Psychology Is Usually a 2 Year Program

The Associates in Psychology is an entry-level degree program that consists of around 2 years of courses in general education and general psychology. The goal of this program is to provide learners with the opportunity to explore introductory concepts in this field, which can lead to these students obtaining careers after graduation or moving forward into higher level degree programs.

What Will You Learn?

Learning topics in this program can include concepts related to human emotion and behavior, which are some of the most researched ideas in modern Psychology. This program can help you explore what is known about the environmental, biological, and social influences of emotion and behavior among individuals.

Consider Reviewing Multiple Programs and Considering an Online AA in Psychology

The Associates in Psychology can also allow you to participate in studies associated with common cognitive processes in the human brain, such as memory, perception, and decision making. Gaining knowledge relevant to the overall function of the brain can help you to better connect with those you work with in the professional environment.

The human brain can be a complex entity for new and seasoned learners alike. Through associate-level degree programs, you can work to prepare yourself for working with individuals with unique personalities, mental health diagnoses, and presenting emotional or behavioral issues.

Our team of educational experts has created this degree guide to act as a source of information to you during your degree review process. Take a minute to read about this degree and what it can provide to you in the sections below.

Associates of Psychology Degrees

Online Degrees at the Associate Level Within Psychology

Many universities in America today value flexible learning options for students with unique needs and preferences. If you are the type of student that is seeking convenient degree options to explore, online Associates in Psychology could be a great starting point for your search.

Online Programs Are Growing in the US

Online degree programs may be a growing norm for incoming college learners seeking the learn-from-home option. Many large-scale and smaller universities alike can provide you with online degree options - all containing unique learning aspects that may fit your specific standards.

The online Associates in Psychology program was designed for both busy adult learners and new high school graduates alike. This program can be beneficial for learners that are more comfortable keeping their full-time jobs, but still have the desire to advance their resume through higher understanding.

Many Benefits for Online Degrees But Check Entry Requirements and Accreditation

Online programs can also be beneficial for learners that are simply wishing to cut down their costs of higher education, such as eliminating the need for student housing, engaging in little to no commuting, and utilizing virtual resources throughout their program.

If you are interested in pursuing an online degree, you might be interested to learn that the entry requirements for most programs are minimal at best. One university that offers the online Associates in Psychology requires that applicants have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and provide transcripts to the university during the application process.

Your achievement during your high school years or during any previous college courses may also be weighed during the initial application process. Some students with outstanding achievement could even possibly qualify for scholarship opportunities through select institutions.

Some universities may also require that you submit ACT or SAT scores as part of the admissions process. It is important to review the specific standards of each university prior to making your final choice.

What Does Learning Online Look Like?

Your experience in the online learning environment can be determined by the schedule you set for yourself and your individual learning style. One of the most beneficial aspects of these programs is that you can log in to your classes at times of the day that work best for you and set your own learning schedule.

In Class Online Discussions, Lectures

Its commonplace in online degree programs to participate in class discussions weekly, which can help you in challenging your own biases about different topics in Psychology. Some instructors may also provide live online lectures for students to attend or re-watch as an additional learning tool.

Testing, Quizzes

Many online courses in today's learning environment may also offer online test proctoring or timed assessments to check your progress within each course. Your college may outline its own unique testing process on its degree webpage.

Discussion Boards and Class Interactions

Colleges offering online Associates in Psychology programs can allow you to engage in convenient communication with your instructors and classmates. In-class email tools and discussion boards can make finding answers much easier than traditional programs.

Top 5 Associates of Psychology Courses That Are Common Amongst Online Programs

University Level Program Admissions
Point University Associate Associate of Arts in Psychology Website
Point University Associate Associate of Arts in Human Relations Website
Point University Associate Associate of Arts in Child Development Website

Campus Based Degrees

If you find yourself swayed from the popularity of online programs or just simply learn more efficiently in the face-to-face environment, campus based Associates in Psychology programs could be a better choice for you to pursue.

Traditionally, campus based programs have been the go-to for new collegiate students looking to add to their resume through higher education. Large numbers of universities across the United States offer in-person learning programs for students that are seeking the full college experience at their university's campus.

The acceptance requirements for these programs are similar to what is seen in online options, which most institutions requiring a high school diploma or GED, transcripts, and a minimum high school or college GPA of around 2.0 or higher. Each school may have varying requirements making it extremely important to review these aspects of your program prior to applying.

Campus based options can be suitable for new college students that are entering straight into college programs after high school graduation. Associates programs can be found at larger universities and smaller community colleges, making them a great option for learners that are seeking shorter commutes for their classes.

Many associates programs in today's society offer night and weekend classes for individuals that continue to work full-time jobs during the collegiate process. This can make these programs accessible to a greater population of people with needs for convenience with their program.

Since there are so many diverse Associates in Psychology programs available throughout the U.S., you should spend some time seeking a program that best fits what you need to fit into your individual schedule.

Learners that choose campus based Associates in Psychology programs may learn more effectively in a controlled, face-to-face environment. In this setting, you can have real-world access to your professors and get instant answers during attendance of your classes.

Depending on where you are enrolled, you may be expected to attend your classes anywhere from once a week to 3 days a week. Courses may also be offered at times all throughout the day, at night, and even some weekends.

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Outcomes, Careers, and Salaries

Your pursuits and completion of this 2-year degree program can provide you with a foundation for success in many entry-level positions in society. The goal of this program overall is to educate you further into the psychological aspects and influences related to how people feel, why they behave in certain ways, and the numerous factors that can influence personality and social development.

Once you have graduated from this degree program, you can seek out careers in popular fields such as mental health, education, social services, and case management. Some non-profit agencies, government offices, and counseling organizations may pursue associates degree holders to fill their open positions.

In the field of mental health, entry-level positions in client intake, scheduling, and documentation management may be available to associates degree graduates. These types of careers can help you become familiar with the mental health environment and possibly lead to higher level positions in the future.

Some public service positions such as corrections associate, corrections coordinator, and corrections officer may be great career opportunities for those completing this program. These positions can allow you to provide service coordination for offenders receiving rehabilitative services while working through the criminal justice system.

As a correctional officer in the U.S., you could potentially earn $44,400 per year on average according to the BLS. The amount of pay earned can depend on where you are located and the demand for correctional professionals in your area.

If you are interested in working with children and families, careers directly associated with the family court system such as family advocate may be beneficial for you to pursue. In this field, professionals can attend court hearings, fight for the needs of their clients, and follow-up with clients as services are received.

Many prospects to the social work field can utilize a degree in Psychology to become a part of the social service team. Careers you could pursue at this degree level include social work assistant, family support specialist, and office administration specialist.

Depending on where you live, you may have access to a wide variety of career options after completing your program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social science technicians can earn around $52,940 per year while working in the United States.

Graduates from the Associates in Psychology degree program can find fulfilling careers in multiple fields after graduation. If you are seeking a program that can prepare you for both entry into the professional field of Psychology or further learning in higher degree programs, this could be the right option for you to pursue.

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