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Community Psychology Degrees

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University Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Online Psychology and Counseling Degrees
Multiple programs: Bachelors in Psychology, Master's in Experimental Psychology (Clinical, Healht & Sports Psych), Family Counseling, Guidance and Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and more.
University of Texas Permian Basin Online BA in Psychology
Program provides a broad foundation of psychological science knowledge and emphasizes vital written communication and research skills that can inform and assist you in helping professions.
Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Cover topics such as learning and motivation, statistics and brain function.
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Types of Community Psychology Specialty Programs

Community Psychology is a degree specialty that considers the context of individuals within larger groups within society, as well as the relationships between individuals and the community as a whole. Degree programs in this field can be beneficial for learners interested in providing broader psychological services to social groups in need.

In comparison to general psychology, this specialization can provide you with more insight into the constituents of communities within a larger social context. Psychologists in this field may have an interest in exploring opinions, ideas, and personalities of members of the overall group, in order to draw conclusions about how participants are influenced and affected by their environment.

What would you study for Community Psychology?

Studies in this field can contribute to further learning on the environmental aspects, cultural influences, and societal expectations of behavior within certain groups of people. This type of data can allow professionals to better implement supportive community programs that may be better received from the target consumer.

Community Psychology degree programs can allow you to explore the administration of psychological practices to larger groups than the standard one-on-one method. If you are interested in influencing larger groups through your future career, this could be a degree concentration to consider for your program.

Our team of educational experts has reviewed Community Psychology degree programs at multiple levels in order to introduce you to what can be found in the educational environment. Read more in our guide below to learn more about what can result from an education at each level.

Are There Online Community Psychology Degrees?

Incoming collegiate learners in today's society can choose from a wide range of learning options for their degree program. The cost of living in the U.S. is high and its almost necessary for a majority of college students to continue working while achieving their degree.

What to look for

Online degree programs can be inviting for students from all walks of life. These flexible learning alternatives can be fitting for returning collegiate learners working a standard 9-5 career or even for recent high school graduates that are seeking a modest entry into their first degree program.

In online programs, students can attend classes from their own home. Most universities provide online learning platforms via the school's website, which allows students to retrieve weekly assignments, discuss topics with other students and instructors, and submit required assignments.

One of the most beneficial aspects of online Community Psychology degree programs is that courses often allow students to complete work at their own pace. At the onset of courses, due dates are provided for assignments throughout the entire semester, allowing learners to plan their classwork for times that work for them.

Online programs often have relaxed log-in expectations for enrolled learners. One program offering an online degree in Community Psychology simply requires that learners log in at least 2 times per week throughout the semester to meet participation requirements.

Programs offered in the virtual environment can provide you with the same level and quality of degree as traditional learning options. If you are considering entry into a college program, but lack the time to attend classes in person, online options can be an exceptional choice for you to consider.

Campus Based Degrees

Although online degree programs in Community Psychology may be growing in popularity across the country, a large number of colleges still offer traditional, campus-based degree programs as a primary learning option. These in-person learning options have long been the preferred choice for new college entrants and can provide you with the traditional paper-and-pencil learning experience.

Community Psychology degree programs that are offered in campus-based format are typically available in part-time, full-time, and hybrid format. Courses within traditional degree programs can also be taken during the day, in the evenings, and some weekends.

Institutional programs may also combine some traditional and online aspects of collegiate learning into their program in order to maximize convenience for those enrolled. These hybrid programs require that students attend classes but also utilize the online classroom for submitting assignments and gaining access to learning resources.

Many learners considering entry into higher educational programs might consider campus-based programs due to their preference of in-person learning opportunities. Learning in the actual classroom can allow students to better focus on lectures and discussions without outside distractions from the tasks at hand.

While you are reviewing available degree programs in Community Psychology, you should consider your own learning style and personal preferences for learning programs. Depending on what you require, traditional or online programs may be a better fit for you along the way.

University Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Online Psychology and Counseling Degrees
Multiple programs: Bachelors in Psychology, Master's in Experimental Psychology (Clinical, Healht & Sports Psych), Family Counseling, Guidance and Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and more.
Maryville University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
The online BA in Psychology from Maryville University will prepare you with a strong foundation in the theoretical frameworks of modern psychology. No SAT or ACT scores required.
Pepperdine University Online Master of Psychology
Choose your path at Pepperdine: pursue licensure as either an LMFT or LPC and serve diverse clients with our online master’s in clinical psychology.
Methodist University Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Gain the skills for diagnosis, clinical interview procedures, behavior analysis, and more.
University of Texas Permian Basin Online BA in Psychology
Program provides a broad foundation of psychological science knowledge and emphasizes vital written communication and research skills that can inform and assist you in helping professions.
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Bachelors in Community Psychology

The Bachelors in Community Psychology is a 4-year undergraduate degree program that can provide you with access to entry-level careers in multiple fields after graduation. Learning at this level can include delves into multiple subject areas related to psychology and sociology.

At the onset of your bachelors program, you may engage in course work related to general education topics required by your university. Many new college learners take courses like Algebra and English Composition within their first year of this program, which can provide collegiate writing and calculation skills for later use.

Starting in the second year and throughout the fourth, you may take more courses related to the application of psychological skills in the community environment. The goal of this program is educate you about the historical evolution of the field of psychology, leading to its current status in your treatment area.

Courses such as Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Behavior in the Social Environment can be included within your bachelors program. These courses can invite learners to view psychology from multiple social angles in an effort to better understand the many factors influencing human emotion and behavior.

The core knowledge gained within Bachelors in Community Psychology degree programs can provide you with a foundation for careers in social service, criminal justice, and even public health upon your graduation. This degree program can also act as an excellent preparatory learning experience for masters and doctoral programs in the future.

Masters in Community Psychology

The Masters in Community Psychology is a graduate-level degree program that learners can complete within 2-3 years at most universities. This incredible learning option can be found in both online and campus-based format, making it a great higher learning opportunity for learners with diverse educational needs.

At the masters-level, students can build their skills and expertise upon what knowledge was gathered in their bachelors program. Many learners at this level transition from Bachelors of Community Psychology programs, but others from general psychology programs, sociology majors, and alternative concentrations can also be welcomed into this program depending on your institution's requirements.

You might notice that courses within a Masters in Community Psychology program typically focusing on applying general skills in psychology to actual social problems and community scenarios. This type of practice can better prepare you for working in the real-world environment and provide you with the analytical and critical-thinking skills you need to make a difference within communities.

Courses like Health Psychology at this level can help you connect common social concerns to psychological health within the social context. While you are participating in this program, you may also have the opportunity to choose a social issue for research and develop an intervention program focused on providing relief to your target population.

In both online and traditional Masters in Community Psychology programs, you may be given the opportunity to engage in on-site practica or internships. Different colleges may have different expectations for this requirement, making it vital to review these stages prior to enrolling in a program.

Completion of a Masters in Community Psychology degree program can help you achieve career opportunities in local government, criminal justice case management and rehabilitative services, and even leadership within social service agencies.

Doctorate in Community Psychology

Some learners move forward into doctoral level degree programs after completing the Bachelors or Masters in Community Psychology. Doctorate programs in Community Psychology can provide students with the opportunity to look deeper into the inner workings of community psychologists in an effort to improve research, develop more effective programs, and lead teams of professionals in the social environment.

Doctorate programs in Community Psychology can last anywhere from 3-4 years for learners depending on their previous educational experience. Many programs currently offered both online and in-person are offered to masters-level graduates, while some programs also admit undergraduates into their programs.

Courses focusing on social research or program development may be part of your program depending on the degree path you choose for your education. Each path may have its own target purpose within Community Psychology, so be sure to choose a degree option that aligns with your career goals.

Ph.D. in Community Psychology programs can allow you to increase your skills in research while enrolled in the program. These degree programs can better prepare you for careers in higher education, social research, or even community program development.

The Doctorate in Community Psychology may be more focused on the application of psychological skills in the real-world environment. Graduates of this program may be suited for careers in community leadership, non-profit management, or even advanced practice psychology.

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Top 5 courses you can expect to take at multiple levels for Community Psychology

  1. Psychological Assessment: The psychological assessment can be used as a tool for gathering data on human behavior and the social environment. In this course, learners can engage in the administration, scoring, and overall interpretation of common psychological tests used within today’s society. Students may also practice the composition of psychological reports based upon data gathered during the testing process. The goal of this course is to provide students with knowledge pertaining to the utility of psychological testing during the intervention process.
  2. Psychological Interventions in Communities: At the onset of this course, students can practice skills in analysis of common community problems related to health and mental health. Identifying core need, establishing a treatment protocol, and the implementation stages are skills that may be practiced within this course. The use of qualitative and quantitative methods for information gathering before, during, and after intervention may also be covered throughout this class.
  3. Community Psychology: This class looks at the psychology of communities in comparison to that of the individuals within them. Students can participate in learning about how the environment can influence individual behavior and emotion, as well as the positive and negative effects of certain cultural beliefs and practices. Concepts such as community strengths may be spotlighted in an effort to educate learners on how to utilize these aspects for the common good, while ideas related to community weaknesses are studied to identify areas in need of growth.
  4. The Psychology of Culture, Communities, and Identity: While enrolled in this course, you can explore how unique identities, cultures, and belief systems can play a role in the development of community behavior. This class includes concepts related to sociology, anthropology, history, and diverse psychological concepts. The goal of learning in this course is to explore Community Psychology beginning at the individual level and continue through the network of similar and dissimilar members of communities within different social areas.
  5. Utilization of Psychological Research: Throughout Community Psychology courses, students can be introduced to common research methods within psychological sciences. This course seeks to utilize this information in the development of real-world solutions to common social and psychological problems. Students taking this course can outline their own identified Community Psychology issue, identify a target area for change or intervention, and implement a mock program based upon methods learned during their program. Overall program evaluation may also be included before the end of this course.

Outcomes, Careers, & Salaries

Your experience within Community Psychology degree programs can allow you to exercise skills in the analysis of citizens within communities, the effectiveness of social intervention programs, and the treatment of individuals within various social groups.

Some of the career opportunities for Community Psychology graduates at the undergraduate level can be found in case management, client advocacy, community planning, and public health. Community Health workers throughout the U.S. can earn around $46,080 per year on average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

At the masters level, you could potentially pursue careers in social or community service management. The BLS estimates that individuals obtaining these careers can earn $65,320 per year on average while working in the field.

Professionals that engage in doctoral-level training may even have the option to apply for community research positions for local government agencies or move forward into licensing opportunities within their state. Many states require that psychologists participate in 2-3 years of clinical supervision components as outlined by the licensing agency.

Doctoral-level psychologists in Community Psychologists may have the potential to earn $79,010 per year according to the most recent BLS statistics. You should choose a career path that is best aligned with the groups that you want to influence within your community.

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University of West Alabama
Bachelor / Master Online Psychology and Counseling Degrees Website
University of Texas Permian Basin
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Arizona State University
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