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With over 45 different schools in Indiana, there are many different options to find a psychology degree at any level. There are also online psychology programs available at universities that have a campus in Indiana.

Indiana is known for its excellent colleges and qualified professors. With a population nearing 6.5 million, Indiana has a great foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a psychological degree. For those considering a career path in psychology, Indiana provides a wealth of excellent resources and information on how to proceed.

Indiana has different options when looking for a school to get a psychology degree. The most popular locations for schools in Indiana are Bloomington and Muncie, bringing in a huge number of new students each year.

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University of West Alabama
Bachelor Online Bachelor of Psychology Website
George Mason University
Master Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology Website
Rivier University
Bachelor Online BA in Psychology Website
University of West Alabama
Master Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology Website
Simmons University
Master Masters in Behavior Analysis Website

Indiana Wesleyan University: Online Master of Arts in Psychology

If you currently reside in Indiana and are looking for degree programs to engage in on your path to becoming a psychologist, your state may have exactly what you are looking for. Indiana Wesleyan University currently provides a flexible online MA in Psychology for you to consider.

This 30 credit hour program consists of elements specific to multiple treatment fields in Psychology. During your participation in the program, you can gain insight into this field through in-depth studies into human behavior and the social environment, developmental aspects of psychology, and research in psychology.

This program was designed for learners that are interested in pursuing careers directly after its completion as well as students that plan on moving forward into doctoral level programs in the future. The curriculum of this program includes a look into the historical development of the field and current issues of interest for new psychology specialists.

Choosing online degree programs can allow you to engage in higher learning without having to make adjustments to your personal life or career. If you are the type of learner that would like to maintain your current quality of life while pursuing higher endeavors, this could be the program for you.

Ball State University

Whether an individual is looking to immediately start working after graduation or is preparing for graduate studies, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana has a program to fit. Ball State provides bachelor’s degree programs that focus on both scientific and educational fields. This college also has two graduate programs available for learner’s to choose from, which either focus on clinical studies or scientific research. Graduates of Ball State receive a quality education that truly prepares them for a meaningful career working for psychological patients.

Steps to Become a Psychologist in Indiana

  1. Initially, you may want to consider enrollment into Bachelor's and Master's programs in Psychology to prepare yourself for later studies in the field. During this point of your experience, you can gain knowledge pertaining to the development of the field of Psychology and the numerous sub-fields associated with it. At the graduate level, you can choose to pursue a specialty within a sub-field of your choice, with popular options being Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The knowledge that you gain during these early degree programs can prove beneficial as you transition into higher level programs.
  2. Becoming a psychologist in Indiana includes a requirement for licensing through your state's licensing division. The most basic expectation of applicants for licensure includes enrollment and graduation from an APA-accredited doctoral program in Psychology. There are open collegiate options available throughout the United States. The American Psychological Association provides a list of open and available programs for prospective students to browse on their website. Most doctoral programs take around 4 years to complete at a full-time rate.
  3. The third step in your journey to becoming a psychologist is completing all recommended supervised experience requirements. The first portion of your experience can take place during your doctoral degree program. Since accreditation is required for programs leading to licensure, you should have to opportunity to engage in internships and residencies throughout your program. Once you have graduated from your degree program, you can finish your remaining hours in the field under a licensed psychologist. Documentation pertaining to your experience is required at the time of licensing.
  4. After you have completed your degree requirements and engaged in all of the required experience requirements, you can then apply for licensing in your state. Your state should have an initial application for you to fill out, as well as a list of recommended documents to provide when submitting your application. These documents may include official transcripts from all attended universities, letters of reference from currently licensed psychologists, and monthly documentation regarding your supervised work experience. Once all information has been received by the Board, they will make a final determination about your qualification to sit for the national exam for psychologists.
  5. The last and final step for incoming psychologists in the state of Indiana includes sitting for the national examination for psychologists. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is a national exam that all incoming psychologists within the U.S. are required to take. This test includes a combination of questions about the foundation theories of Psychology, methods of assessment and diagnosis, and practical skill learned throughout your supervised experience. You should ensure that the testing facility sends scores directly to your state Board after successful completion.

Psychology Scholarships in Indiana

The path to becoming a psychologist in the state of Indiana includes many different degree programs and a strong dedication for enrolled learners. Along your path, you might be interested in seeking out alternative methods for covering the costs of your degree programs to help lessen the overall financial load of this process.

Many students enrolling in college degree programs begin with filling out their yearly FAFSA in order to see which grants and loans they may qualify for. In some cases, the support received through this filing may not be enough to cover the high costs of higher education.

Considering a grant

Finding scholarships specific to your degree area can be a great way to earn extra money to put towards your learning experience. Grants like the Distinguished Service Contributions Award can be available to students in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology career path.

Scholarships for psychology majors

Psychologists early in their experience may even qualify for the Judy E. Hall Early Career Psychologist Award. This award was designed specifically for new psychologists that have completed less than 10 years of post-doctoral experience and can be a great asset for offsetting the high costs of a doctoral degree.

As a graduate learner, you are encouraged to take advantage of scholarship opportunities during your long educational path. Scholarships may be offered locally through private organizations or even at the national level through the American Psychological Association.

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Indiana Psychology Licensing

Indiana State Psychology Board

Indiana Board of PsychologyThe Indiana State Psychology Board is located in Indianapolis, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Indiana State Psychology Board
402 W Washington St., Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: (317) 234-2043

Psychology Careers in Indiana

Getting into college is not the final step in pursuing a career in psychology. Students with a bachelor’s degree can easily find work in many entry-level positions. Human services and mental health assistants are typically bachelor degree holders. However, some students may find it more profitable to go forward with their education in order to get the most out of their degree.

The median income for clinical psychologists is $61,580 as of recently. Graduate students have the ability to get licensed and practice legally as a psychologist in the state. Currently there are 1,340 practicing clinical psychologist in Indiana. The state of Indiana has provided guidelines for obtaining licensure after the completion of a graduate degree.

Becoming a Psychologist in Indiana

In order for graduates to become licensed to practice in the state of Indiana, a formal application must be sent to the state with proof of graduation as well as letters of reference. Indiana requires that graduates engage in supervised work experience prior to taking the state board exam.

Upon successfully completing the exam, applicants will be qualified to be licensed in Indiana. Maintenance is always required when licensed by the state. Continuing education and license renewal is also required of psychologists in Indiana.

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Anderson University
  • Psychology Major
Ball State University
  • Ph.D. Program in Counseling Psychology
  • PhD in Educational Psychology (School)
Bethel College-Indiana
  • Psychology Major
Butler University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Calumet College of Saint Joseph
  • B.S. in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP)
DePauw University
  • Psychology Major
Earlham College
  • Psychology Major
Franklin College
  • Psychology Major
Goshen College
  • Psychology Major
Grace College and Theological Seminary
Winona Lake
Hanover College
Holy Cross College
Notre Dame
  • Psychology Major
Huntington University
  • Master of Arts in Counseling
  • Psychology Major
Indiana Institute of Technology
Fort Wayne
  • Psychology, B.S.
Indiana State University
Terre Haute  
  • Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)
Indiana University - Bloomington
  • Ed.S. in School Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Ed.S. in School Psychology
  • M.S.Ed. in Learning and Development Sciences-Educational Psychology Track
  • Ph.D. in Learning and Developmental Science-Specialization in Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Social Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Learning and Developmental Science-Specialization in Educational Psychology
  • Ph.D. in School Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Social Psychology
  • PhD in School Psychology
Indiana University-East
  • B.S. in Psychology
Indiana University-Kokomo
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (B.A. in Psychology)
Indiana University-Northwest
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology 
Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne
  • Psychology (B.A.)
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) Master of Science
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Indiana University-South Bend
South Bend
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology
Indiana University-Southeast
New Albany
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Psychology
Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion
  • A.S. in General Studies
  • B.S. Psychology of Human Relations
  • Online B.S. in Human Services
Manchester University
North Manchester
  • BSc Psychology
Marian University
  • B.A. and B.S. in Psychology
Martin University
  • Bachelor of Science | Psychology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Community Psychology
Oakland City University
Oakland City
  • Bachelor of Psychology: Addiction Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Ottawa University-Jeffersonville
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Purdue University
West Lafayette  
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
Purdue University-Calumet Campus
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Purdue University-Main Campus
West Lafayette
  • bachelor's degree in psychology
  • Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
  • M.S. in Cognitive Psychology
  • M.S. in Social Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) psychology
  • Psychological Sciences, BS
Purdue University
West Lafayette  
  • Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) psychology
Purdue University-North Central Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Saint Josephs College
  • Psychology Major
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Saint Mary of the Woods
  • Psychology Major 
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame
  • Major in Psychology
Taylor University
  • Psychology, BA & BS
Trine University
  • Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology
Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses
Fort Wayne
  • Bachelor of Science Psychology major 
University of Evansville
  • BS/BA in Psychology
University of Indianapolis
  • Clinical Psychology Doctorate (PsyD)
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame  
  • Doctoral in clinical psychology
University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
University of Southern Indiana
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Valparaiso University
  • B.A. or B.S. in Psychology
  • J.D./M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • M.Ed. in Education and psychological foundations
Vincennes University
  • Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration 1053 A.A.
Wabash College
  • Psychology Major
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