Accredited Psychology Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky offers 30 different accredited schools with psychology degrees at all levels - undergraduate and graduate.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Counseling @ Northwestern | CACREP Accredited
Sacred Heart University | NEASC Accredited
Simmons College | Accredited

For new or existing college students, choosing a career in psychology can bring about a variety of different questions. There are so many different directions that a degree in psychology can take an individual that it is sometimes confusing to make a decision.

[blockquote]Clinical Psychologists can make $39,970 to $86,230 per year working in Kentucky according to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.[/blockquote]

The most popular route for people in Kentucky is psychological counseling. Working with patients to find better behavioral patterns and responses can truly change lives, which is what makes psychology such a rewarding career choice.

Individuals that obtained degrees and proper licensure can earn anywhere from $39,970 to $86,230 per year working in Kentucky. With the majority of new students being attracted to big cities like Lexington and Morehead, these could be good places to start looking for the right school.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The median income for clinical psychologists in Kentucky is $58,570. With the potential to earn at this level, it is a very attractive career choice for those seeking a job in psychology.

Clinical is not the only path that can prove to be financially beneficial for Kentuckians. There are several different paths such as Counseling, Experimental, and Therapy that learners can take part in. Regardless of whether or not an individual chooses to take the undergraduate or graduate route, there are successful professions all around the state that are a living example of both.

The state of Kentucky provides ample reference information for individuals inquiring about state licensure laws. A licensure exam can be applied for and taken by registering directly through the state of Kentucky website. Once all information has been submitted correctly and the exam passed, applicants will be ready to look for work throughout the state. There is constantly a need for qualified psychologist in the state of Kentucky and it is easy to get started.

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

kentucky-psychology-stateThe Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology is located in Frankfort, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology
P.O Box 1360
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602
Phone (502) 564-3296

School Spotlight: Morehead State University

Morehead State University, located in Morehead, Kentucky, offers a range of degree programs created to provide learners with the most beneficial learning experience. Morehead State has a reputable staff that is dedicated to providing learners with the best hands on experience throughout the state.

This school is now offering a new bachelor’s degree program designed specifically for students with an interest in neuroscience. Students are drawn to Morehead State due to the thorough and legitimate curriculum, taking part in experimental studies, study groups, and major-specific classes. New students at Morehead State can expect to see classes such as: Neuropsychology, Research Methods, and Behavior Modification.

List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

All Programs

See below for the list of all of the psychology programs in . You can filter down by state, accrediting board, or program to find the best program for you.
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling (M.A. in Mental Health Counseling)
Asbury University
  • Psychology Major
Bellarmine University
  • Psychology Major
Brescia University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Eastern Kentucky University
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.S.)
  • Master of Science in General Psychology
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • School Psychology Program (Psy.S.)
Georgetown College
  • Psychology Major (B.A. degree)
Kentucky Christian University
  • Bachelor of Science, Counseling Psychology
Kentucky State University
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Lindsey Wilson College
  • BA Degree in Human Services & Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology 
  • BS Degree Psychophysiology
Midway University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Morehead State University
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology counseling psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology clinical psychology
Murray State University
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology
  • M.A. or M.S in Clinical Psychology
Northern Kentucky University
  • B.A. or B.S. in Psychology
  • Master's degree in Industrial- Organizational Psychology
Owensboro Community and Technical College
  • Psychology (OCTC Associate in Arts)
Somerset Community College
  • Transfer degree (AA-T) in Psychology
Thomas More College
Transylvania University
  • Psychology Major
Union College
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate Program
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Psychology Major
University of Pikeville
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology
University of the Cumberlands
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Online Master’s in Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology Minor
Western Kentucky University
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • M.S. in Psychology - Psychological Science
  • Master of Arts in Psychology, Clinical Concentration
  • Specialist in Education: School Psychology