Clinical psychology is a popular degree program in Louisiana, with graduates making $40,850 to $120,500 yearly. There are currently 300 licensed clinical psychologists employed in this state. In a state with 4.5 million people, psychologists are always in great need.

Seeking resources for psychologists in this state is easily done and support is always available from the state department. Louisiana provides 21 universities that are accredited in psychology. Although most new students are typically drawn to larger cities such as Baton Rouge, there are a number of excellent locations for a quality education.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

In the state of Louisiana, those looking to be licensed by the state can apply upon completion of a doctoral degree from an accredited university.

[blockquote]Clinical Psychologists in Louisiana can make $40,850 to $120,500 yearly, according to the US Department of Labor.[/blockquote]

Louisiana does require that applicants take part in supervised work experience prior to licensure. After the appropriate training period and successfully passing the board exam, applicants will receive licensure for practice in the state of Louisiana. Finding employment in the field of psychology can be done by looking in the healthcare field, educational field, or even corporate positions.

Psychologists are needed in nearly every aspect of business. Regardless of whether a graduate receives a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate, there are career opportunities waiting upon graduation. Psychologists provide great insight to better business practices as well as mental health assistance to people in need. The average clinical psychologist in Louisiana earns $72,610 per year, indicating a high salary for this portion of the United States. For this southern and hospitable area, psychologists are always in great demand.

Louisiana Board of Psychologist Examiners

louisiana-board-of-psychologyThe Louisiana Board of Psychologist Examiners is located in Baton Rouge, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Louisiana Board of Psychologist Examiners
8706 Jefferson Highway Suite B
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
Phone (225) 925-6511

School Spotlight: Louisiana State University

One of the most competitive but worthwhile graduate schools in all of Louisiana is Louisiana State University. This university is also one of the most prestigious in this area. Louisiana State is known for its outstanding bachelor degree program. In addition to the bachelor degree program, LSU also provides graduate programs in four different areas: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and School Psychology. Each of these different areas provides expertise in accordance to each specialty, guaranteeing the best curriculum possible for students.

If you are not able to find a good fit at a Louisiana Psychology School, try exploring Online Psychology programs.