Overview of Psychology Schools

The easternmost state of the United States, Maine is famous for its fishing and landscape. There is truly no finer place to raise a family and settle down in a career. Psychology is one of the most fascinating subjects available as a college major. The human brain is a mystery that continues to be studied and understood to this day.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The average clinical psychologist earns $69,660 per year in the state of Maine. This is one of the most popular careers in psychology for existing professionals in this field. In order for psychological professionals to be able to diagnose, assess, and treat mental illnesses in the state of Maine, they must apply for and be approved for licensure directly through the state department.

The state of Maine requires that applicants obtain a doctoral degree from an accredited university and complete 2 years of experience in a psychological position. Individuals that receive career-specific master’s degree can qualify for licensure based on requirements for their specific licenses.

If learners choose to take the undergraduate path, there are plenty of employment opportunities in entry level human resource positions as well as sales representatives and psychiatric technicians.

If you are not able to find a good fit at a Maine Psychology School, try exploring Online Psychology programs.