Obtaining a degree in psychology means that the holder can find opportunity in many different settings. There is a place for psychology major in all walks of life. Psychology teaches about relationships, attitudes, reactions, and personality. The knowledge that is gained through this subject can give individuals an advantage in society as a whole as well as with people one on one.

With a relatively equal number of clinical professionals and psychology instructors, there is a mix of interests in this field. With Mississippi State and Hattiesburg drawing in record numbers of students each year, these are a great start for individuals seeking the perfect college to begin an educational career in psychology.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The median income for clinical psychologists in Mississippi is $48,830. These professionals provide a helping hand in the mental health community. Typically working directly with patients in a health care setting, these professionals are in integral part of the psychological community.

As clinical professional, learners are expected to go beyond just getting a degree and receive a license to practice from the state department. This consists of registration, application, and testing administered by the state of Mississippi. Once these steps are completed, a license can be obtained.

Although the job possibilities are vast with a lower degree in psychology, the possibilities increase with a graduate degree. It is well worth the effort of learners to go forward with a higher degree program in order to receive a specialty and work directly with the public. Mississippi offers a wide range of working environments that can suit the needs of any individual.

Mississippi Board of Psychology

ms-board-of-psychologyThe Mississippi Board of Psychology is located in Yazoo City, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Mississippi Board of Psychology
2395 Deerfield Road
Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194
Phone (888) 693-1416

School Spotlight

The University of Southern Mississippi is home to over 15,000 students each year. Located in the historic town of Hattiesburg, this university has gained the trust of new and current learners over the years. Students working on a degree in psychology will take courses that are appropriate to their major. While attending courses in research, theories and practice, and statistics, students will learn to use critical thinking and communicate effectively in the field. These skills will provide for a more effective and trustworthy professional in the field. This university provides everything that learners need to move forward progressively in the field of psychology.

If you decide a Mississippi Psychology School is not right for you, you can also obtain a high-quality degree at an Online Psychology school.