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Montana has a total of 10 accredited psychology schools for prospective students to choose from for on-campus options, but there are a number of nationwide accepting online psychology programs as well.

The first and most basic step towards becoming a psychologist in Montana is choosing undergraduate educational programs to begin your journey. Many learners considering this path choose bachelor's programs that focus on Psychology or Counseling to begin - depending on what types of psychological specialization they plan to work with in the future.

It may also be beneficial to move through the Master's in Psychology program in order to maximize the flexibility that online programs offer before engaging in in-person doctoral programs. The Bachelor's in Psychology program can take 4 years to complete while the master's program can often be completed in around 2 years on average.

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University of West Alabama
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George Mason University
Master Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology Website
Rivier University
Bachelor Online BA in Psychology Website
University of West Alabama
Master Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology Website
Simmons University
Master Masters in Behavior Analysis Website

Steps to Become a Psychologist in Montana

  1. The doctoral program that you choose for your path can be critical during the licensing determination phase of this process. Your state requires that you hold a doctoral degree that has current accreditation with the American Psychological Association (APA), making it vital to consider its accreditation status prior to applying. APA-accredited programs consist of the appropriate topics and in-person experiences required for future licensing. As you move through this doctoral program, you can experience both in-depth learning on diagnosis, assessment, and research, as well as intensive clinical observations and practice opportunities.
  2. Field work is another very important component present on your path to becoming a psychologist. Since psychologists can work independently after receiving a license, the state requires that applicants engage in multiple phases of supervised experience under close supervision of licensed supervisors. Your first experience should take place during your doctoral program, followed by about 1 year of supervised experience in the field after graduation. While you are participating in this experience component you can provide individual services to those in need while being guided by currently licensed professionals.
  3. The application process involved with becoming a psychologist in Montana includes providing thorough documentation of your field work experiences, as well as documentation pertaining to each of your educational programs. Your state board will review your degrees for accreditation and ensure that your supervised experience consists of the required elements for licensing. At this point you may also be required to pay any application or testing fees prior to moving forward with testing. Once your application is submitted you may also be required to participate in background testing - which is required for all licensees.
  4. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is the board examination required for all incoming psychologists. All states currently require that applying professionals successfully pass this test prior to receiving their license to practice within each state. This test is an ultimate assessment of your knowledge of the field of Psychology and your abilities in terms of providing direct services to those seeking psychological services. You should work to ensure that the scores of your test are sent directly to the board for review after completion. Passing scores can be your final step towards becoming a licensed psychologist.

Learn About The Psychology Programs Offered at the University of Montana in Missoula

Missoula, Montana is home to the University of Montana. This college offers Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Master’s degrees in Psychology and School Psychology. Those seeking to be involved in the educational field will find that there is a constant need for effective and reliable school psychologists in this state.

The psychology program at the University of Montana provides courses in social psychology, research methods, and developmental studies. The curriculum is suitable for serious students looking to find a profitable career in psychology in the future. The atmosphere at the University of Missouri is supportive and cohesive. Instructors are always willing to provide assistance to students working hard toward a degree.

Psychology Scholarships in Montana

Montana can be a great place to pursue a degree and career in the versatile field of Psychology. When you are ready to begin engagement in degree programs, you should plan accordingly for the costs of your programs and the methods by which you will fund it.

Scholarships offered to students in this state can provide anywhere from $400 to $5,000 towards the cost of your degree, which can allow you to explore your field freely without the overwhelming burden of students loans and lasting debt. You can find scholarships through internet searches, universities, or large-scale psychological organizations.

The Randy Gerson Memorial Grant is an award promoted by the APA that can provide you with funds to support your research during a graduate degree program. This award can pay up to $6,000 towards research that focuses on couple or family dynamics or multi-generational processes.

The The Drs. Rosalee G. and Raymond A. Weiss Research and Program Innovation Grants can provide applicants with $1,000 and is influenced by innovation in the fields of psychological research at the doctoral level in Psychology degree programs. You can learn more about these scholarships through visiting the APA website.

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A Quick Overview of Montana Psychology Careers

Finding a career in Montana can become easier with a degree in psychology. Having a degree in psychology provides learners with a certain distinction among other graduates. Employees that understand how people make decisions and how to effectively communicate are an asset to different companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

The state of Montana has a licensure process that includes application, testing, and renewal for new and existing license holders. Clinical psychologists that have earned a license through the state currently have a median income of $53,260 in Montana.

The effort towards obtaining and degree and maintaining licensure in Montana pays off for those willing to work for it. Careers working with the public are regularly coming available and are being quickly filled by psychology professionals. This is a degree path that gives students a sense of pride, opportunity to help others, and a financially stable future.

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Aaniiih Nakoda College
  • Psychology (PSYX) Associate of Arts Degree
Blackfeet Community College
  • Associate of Arts (AA) in Psychology
Carroll College
  • Psychology Major
Fort Peck Community College
  • Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Psychology (PSYX)
Montana State University
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychological Science
  • Master in Counseling Psychology
Montana State University-Billings
  • Associate of Arts in Applied Psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology
Rocky Mountain College
  • Psychology Major
Salish Kootenai College
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Psychology 
  • Psychology Bachelor of Arts Degree
University of Great Falls
Great Falls
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Master of Science in Counseling (MSC)
University of Montana
  •  Clinical PhD Program
  • Experimental PhD Program
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