Accredited Psychology Schools in Nebraska

Sitting cozy in the Midwest, Nebraska is an ideal place to find a college and get an excellent education in psychology. Nebraska has a total of 21 accredited colleges that provide psychological programs. Programs offered in Nebraska range from Associate’s degrees to Doctorate degrees in psychology and counseling. There are plenty of career opportunities available with as little as an associate’s degree in Nebraska.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Counseling @ Northwestern | CACREP Accredited
Sacred Heart University | NEASC Accredited
Simmons College | Accredited

Overview of Nebraska Psychology Schools

Professionals with knowledge regarding human behavior are an important part of a majority of businesses. Knowing what drives people and what to expect from people are important qualities for a professional to have. Qualified psychology specialists are considered an important asset in many different fields of work.

There are 460 certified clinical specialists currently working in the State of Nebraska, all of which earn from $41,240 to $89,730. Omaha is a major city for college students, providing great schools in a metropolitan area of the state.

[blockquote]There are 460 certified clinical specialists currently working in the State of Nebraska, all of which earn from $41,240 to $89,730, according to the US Department of Labor.[/blockquote]

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The average clinical psychologist earns $62,030 per year in Nebraska. This is a respectable income for individuals that contribute so much positivity to the community. After a graduate degree is obtained, Nebraska requires that all practitioners become licensed through the state department:

  • First, a graduate will provide the state with transcripts and an application for licensure.
  • Second, a student must take part in supervised work experience and pass a licensing exam.
  • Finally, after a license is obtained, psychology professionals must keep up with continuing education requirements and renew their licenses as the state instructs.

These steps make up a process that can easily be followed by those with degrees in psychology. After becoming licensed, professional psychologists can search for careers in a variety of different settings. Having both a degree and a license makes psychologists highly sought out in health care settings, educational settings, and business. It is worth the time and effort to go forward with a degree in psychology.

Nebraska Board of Psychologists

nebrask-psychology-stateThe Nebraska Board of Psychologists is located in Lincoln, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Nebraska Board of Psychologists
P.O. Box 94986
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68509-4986
Phone (402) 471-2115

School Spotlight

Nebraska has a reputation for its educational system. Students seeking a degree in psychology are most drawn to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, due to its large psychology program. Students can move from a bachelor’s program to a doctoral program at this school alone. Those involved in the psychology program at this university will find that the curriculum consists of general education requirements as well as extensive major specific requirements. Touching on the different aspects of psychology, the curriculum provides exactly what students need to have a knowledgeable and productive career.

List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

All Programs

See below for the list of all of the psychology programs in . You can filter down by state, accrediting board, or program to find the best program for you.
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Bellevue University
  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Psychology
Capella University
  •  PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision
Chadron State College
  • Bachelor of Arts with a Subject Major in Psychological Sciences
  • Master of Arts in Education - Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration
College of Saint Mary
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Psychology and Human Services
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology
Concordia University-Nebraska
  • B.A. in Psychology
Creighton University
  • Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)
Doane University-Arts & Sciences
  • Psychology Major
Doane University-Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Master of Arts in Counseling
Kaplan University-Lincoln Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Addictions
  • Master of Science in Psychology
Kaplan University-Omaha Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Addictions
  • Master of Science in Psychology
Midland University
  • Psychology Major
Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Pre-Health Program
  • Psychology (B.A., B.S.)
Northeast Community College
  • Associate of Arts in Behavioral Science
Peru State College
  • Psychology – BS/BA
University of Nebraska at Kearney
  • Psychology Option - Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • MA in Cognitive Psychology
  • Psychology, M.A. Industrial Organizational Concentration
  • Psychology, Ph.D. Developmental Psychology Concentration
  • School Psychology, M.S.
Wayne State College
  • B.A./B.S. degrees in Psychology
  • Human Service Counseling Major (B.S., B.A.)
Western Nebraska Community College
  • Associate of Arts Psychology