Overview of Vermont Psychology Schools

There are many different options available for individuals with a degree in psychology. For bachelor’s level learners, a career in human services or other entry level positions are available.

For those seeking higher degrees in clinical psychology or counseling, there are constantly hospitals and private practices looking for qualified professionals.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

Vermont allows graduates to become licensed at both the master’s and doctoral level. After the completion of an appropriate and accredited degree program, graduates may apply for licensure through the state department.

The state of Vermont does require that some post-graduate experience be conducted prior to licensure, as well as passing the state board exam in psychology.

These requirements guarantee only the most qualified practitioners are licensed by the state. Since psychologists work with very fragile people, it is important the professionals responsible for their care are only the best educated. Having a license in psychology broadens the possibilities of the degree holder.

However, there are just as many job opportunities available for those that cease education after obtaining an undergraduate degree. For those that obtained licensure in clinical psychology, salaries average at $51,360 per year. The amount of current workers in this state in comparison to the population expresses the need for more professionals. As the populations around the United States continue to rise, the need for qualified psychological professionals will rise with them.

School Spotlight

Vermont has an array of excellent schools that have available psychology degrees. The University of Vermont in Burlington has a degree program fitting for every future psychological professional. Offering psychology degrees at every level, this university provides a learning environment that touches on the professional in every student. Students will take part in extensive research projects and treatment assessment projects that bring to light the diverse nature of the psychology field. Students will take courses in statistics, research, and special topics in psychology, enlightening them in all of the different directions that psychology can take them.

If you cannot find a convenient Vermont Psychology School, you can get your degree at home with an Online Psychology School.