There is no better opportunity to make a profound difference in someone’s life than being part of the field of psychology. Psychological professionals are given the opportunity to be a team member in health care services, educational services, and big business.

With this versatile of a degree, there is no wonder about why psychology is one of the most popular degree programs in the United States. The state of Virginia is a popular place for psychologists to call home. The beautiful landscape and vibrant history brings new students in from all over the country every year.

Popular cities such as Arlington and Lynchburg house just a few of the 41 accredited universities in Virginia. Regardless of whether prospects wish to be a bachelor’s of psychology graduate or the more popular Master’s in Clinical Psychology, there is an abundance of career opportunities available. Psychology is a wise choice for people looking to further their education and take part in a meaningful career.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

With the median income for clinical specialist averaging $67,380 per year in Virginia, more and more students are becoming interested in this career path.

Virginia has always been home to great educational systems and a profound state government. In order to be licensed by the state of Virginia as a practicing psychologist, graduates must take part in the registration process and pass the board exam in psychology. The licensing process is in depth, but worth the effort.

Professionals in psychology are constantly being sought after to fill positions in all walks of life. Since human behavior is an aspect of every career either directly or indirectly, a psychologist is a good addition to any company. Career opportunities differ for those with an undergraduate and graduate degree, but the limitations are few for both. The flexibility of this degree path gives graduates the opportunity to see different perspectives in the working environment while still doing the job that they love.

Virginia Board of Psychology

va-psychologyThe Virginia Board of Psychology is located in Henrico, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Virginia Board of Psychology
9960 Mayland Dr., Suite 300
Henrico, Virginia 23233-1463
Phone (804) 367-4697

School Spotlight

Whether learners are interested in a small-town community college or prestigious and reputable college, Virginia has a college to suit. Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia promotes great education and American pride in one package. Students that attend this university will get an education that provides the knowledge and respect needed to be a trustworthy psychological worker. The courses at this university are strategically designed to give learners the information needed to be proactive and effective societal workers. Students are required to work independently on research projects in order to really spotlight their potential.

If you decide a Virginia Psychology School is not right for you, there are many Online Psychology Schools to consider.