Wisconsin is a state that has many notable features. Surrounded on two sides by the Great Lakes, Wisconsin is a historic place to live. Aside from its museums and frigid climate, Wisconsin is also known for its range of possibilities for psychology graduates.

In Wisconsin, prospective students will find over 30 accredited universities, the most popular in Milwaukee.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a graduate can quickly find work in many entry-level positions. For individuals that choose to move forward with graduate school and licensing, the possibilities are potentially endless.

Clinical professionals in Wisconsin can earn anywhere from $36,670 to $113,950 per year.

Psychology Degrees in Wisconsin

Overview of Wisconsin Psychology Schools

There are 2,280 clinical psychologists currently employed in this state, meaning this is quite a popular degree choice for many of Wisconsin’s residents. Obtaining a degree in psychology can make a profound difference in a degree holder’s life.

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Psychology Careers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s beautiful landscape is not the only feature that draws in students from around the United States. This state provides clinical psychologists with a median salary of $66,450 per year.

This provides monumental possibilities for professionals in this field, creating an environment that is ideal for new students that are beginning their journey towards a career in psychology. At undergraduate levels, graduates can settle into careers with the potential for promotion and growth. Having knowledge of the brain and human behavior makes them an asset for different companies.

Graduate students working on the licensure path will work with the state to prepare for a board examination and supervised work experience. Both paths provide stable work possibilities and the potential for growth in the future. There is truly no end to the possibilities in psychology.

Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board

wi-psychologyThe Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board is located in Madison, and is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state.

Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board
P. O. Box 8935
Madison, Wisconsin 53708
Phone (608) 266-2112

University of Wisconsin at Madison Psychology Programs

Wisconsin has an ample supply of prestigious and honorable colleges for prospective psychology students to choose from. The University of Wisconsin at Madison has an excellent selection of psychology degree programs. This university provides everything from undergraduate degrees to degrees paths leading to psychiatry.

Students can expect to be part of rigorous research projects and field experience when attending this university, as it prides itself on its drive to succeed for every student. The psychology program at this school includes aspects ranging from child development to elder studies. It is vital that students include different parts of society into their learning in order to truly understand each group. For students with the willingness to learn and to be a part of the diverse and growing psychological community, this is definitely a school to consider.

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List of Online Psychology Degrees

All Psychology Programs

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants
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Alverno College
  • Master of Science in Community Psychology
  • Psychology Major
Beloit College
  • Psychology Major
Cardinal Stritch University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Clinical Psychology
Carroll University
  • Psychology Major
Carthage College
  • Psychology Major
Concordia University-Wisconsin
  • Bachelor in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Education - Counseling
Edgewood College
  • Psychology Major
Lakeland College
  • Psychology Major
Lawrence University
  • Psychology Major
Mount Mary University
  • Master of Science in Counseling
  • Psychology Undergraduate Major
Northland College
  • Psychology Major (B.S.) 
Ottawa University-Milwaukee
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Ripon College
  • Psychology Major
Saint Norbert College
De Pere
  • Psychology Major
Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire
  • Educational Specialist Degree Program in School Psychology
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Green Bay
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
La Crosse
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology
  • Education Specialist (Ed.S) degree in school psychology
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Masters of Science in Psychological Research (Cognitive and Affective emphasis) 
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
  • Bachelor of Science Major - Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
River Falls
  • Master of Science in Education in School Psychology
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point
  • Psychology Major (Bachelor of Science)
University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • B.S. Psychology
  • M.S. Applied Psychology
  • M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Master of Science (M.S.Ed) and Educational Specialist (Ed.S) in School Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Psychology Major
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • B.A. and B.S. degrees in psychology
  • Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) in School Psychology
Viterbo University
La Crosse
  • Psychology Major
Wisconsin Lutheran College
  • Psychology Major