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Alabama not only provides a beautiful and home-like feel, but it also provides a stable and qualified platform for psychology students. Alabama offers an array of psychology programs at 26 different accredited universities.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, draw in large numbers of Psychology majors each year. With each university providing both undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, Alabama is a good state to find a quality psychology degree. Graduate programs that are available in Alabama include degrees in Counseling, Clinical, School Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Are there APA accredited psychology programs in Alabama?

Yes. The American Psychological Association accredits PsyD and Doctor of Psychology related programs all over the country. There are currently 5 APA accredited Doctor of Psychology programs in Alabama at 4 universities.

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University Level Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Online Bachelor of Psychology University of West Alabama Bachelor Online Bachelor of Psychology Website
George Mason University Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology George Mason University Master Online MS in Applied I/O Psychology Website
Rivier University Online BA in Psychology Rivier University Bachelor Online BA in Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology University of West Alabama Master Online MS in Experimental Psychology / Clinical Psychology Website
Simmons University Masters in Behavior Analysis Simmons University Master Masters in Behavior Analysis Website

List of Alabama APA Accredited Psychology Programs (Doctorate)

Here are the universities in Alabama with APA accredited psychology programs.

University Name Department / Program City

University of South Alabama

Department of Psychology and Department of Professional Studies Mobile

University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

Department of Psychology, Ph.D. Program Tuscaloosa

Auburn University

Department of Psychology (2 programs total) Auburn

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Medical/Clinical Psychology Program, Ph.D. Program Birmingham

Options in Alabama for Online Psychology Degrees

The University of Alabama: Online Master's in Educational Psychology

If you are searching for an online degree program in the field of Psychology, the University of Alabama may have what you are looking for. This 30 credit-hour online program is focused on providing you with an in-depth learning experience that includes concepts related to psychological assessment and psychological theory pertaining to learning.

How to apply

Applicants to this program are welcome year-round, making this a great degree opportunity for students that are ready to begin their degree journey immediately. The University also provides doctoral programs in multiple fields of Psychology, which can allow this degree program to work as a transitional option to higher degree programs after completion.

What courses you would study

While in this program, students can expect to participate in courses like Introduction to Educational Research and Social and Cultural Foundations of Behavior. These courses can help you gain skills in problem solving through action research and behavior management techniques in the classroom.

Who is this program meant for?

In total, this program can be completed in around 2 years for learners that are engaging in courses at a full-time rate. This university may also allow students to participate in the program at a part-time rate if needed. Students are encouraged to contact the admissions office for more information on the application process and required entry documentation.

Steps to Become a Psychologist in Alabama

  1. The very first step towards becoming a psychologist in the state of Alabama is identifying and enrolling in a Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology program. This state requires that you complete a doctoral program at minimum prior to being approved, making undergraduate education a necessity for acceptance into these programs. Different doctoral options may accept learners that have completed bachelor's or master's programs, so be sure to identify your school's requirements prior to enrollment. This part of the licensing path can take anywhere from 4-6 years to complete.
  2. Once you hold a Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology, you should then seek out an APA-accredited doctoral program to apply to. In order to become licensed, your program must meet the quality standards and experience components necessary to achieve APA accreditation. During your doctoral program, you may participate in independent research assignments and multiple field experiences. Most programs include at least 1 year of in-person residencies or internships.
  3. After gaining around 1 year of supervised experience during your accredited internship, you may also be required to participate in an additional year of post-doctoral experience prior to receiving your licensed. During this time, you work directly under a licensed psychologist in a concentration field of your choice. Since licensing will require you to identify your specialization, you should choose a supervision setting that best aligns with that type of work. All documentation for this experience should be submitted to the Board at the time of licensure application.
  4. The next steps towards becoming a psychologist in Alabama includes completing all required national and state testing for professionals in your field. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is the first of two tests that you will be required to pass prior to finalizing the licensing process. Once you have completed this test, the state Board will register you for the Alabama Professional Standards Exam, which tests you specifically on the laws and regulations specific to practitioners within your state.
  5. The final step towards becoming a registered and approved psychologist within your state includes applying for licensing. Your state has a specific outline of steps required to achieve licensure, as well as certain educational and supervision components to consider along the way. Once you have completed the documentation requirements and been approved for licensing, you can begin to practice without supervision in your specialized area.

Psychology Scholarships in Alabama

Psychology can be an incredibly rewarding field for individuals intrigued by the scientific examination of the human mind, emotion, and behavior. If you are one of the many prospects of this field, you are encouraged by our team to seek out scholarship opportunities to help lessen the financial burden along the way.

Division 53 Student Achievement Award for Undergraduate Students

The Division 53 Student Achievement Award is a scholarship opportunity offered to undergraduate students in Psychology programs. In order to qualify for this $1,000 award, you must show that you have contributed to the field of child and adolescent psychology through the creation of specialty research, clinical experience, mentoring, or community engagement.

AP-LS Award

The AP-LS Award is awarded to students that submit exceptional research papers for consideration during their undergraduate program. Applicants for this award should submit their 20-page thesis that outlines specific research pertaining to Psychology and law for consideration. The awards include $500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $150 for third place.

These scholarships and many others may be open to students like you that are making excellent contributions to your field during your degree programs. Scholarships can partner well within other financial aid such as grants, and can save you a monumental amount of money along the way. Our team recommends seeking out alternative financial means for supporting your education prior to enrolling in a degree program.

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Psychology Degrees in Alabama

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Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Alabama Psychology Licensing

  • Licensing is a huge component in Alabama’s overall requirements for psychologists. This journey typically begins with entry into an APA-accredited Ph.D. or Psy.D. program in Psychology. Both the course work and internships included within your program may both be reviewed as part of the licensing process, making it vital for you to carefully select your program based upon its ability to contribute to your licensing. The American Psychological Association (APA) should be your leading resource for locating degree programs for future licensing.
  • As part of your licensing process, the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology will review all experience components present within your application. The state of Alabama currently requires that your provide evidence of around 1 years of APA-accredited internship experience during your doctoral degree, as well as 1 year of post-doctoral experience under the close supervision of a licensed psychologist within your specialty area. Specifics pertaining to how often you supervisor directly supervises your work, how many times you meet with your supervisor per week, and the content of your meetings may be reviewed during the consideration process.
  • After completing your degree program, you can begin the application process with your local board of examiners. When initially filling out your application, you may also be required to submit a $400 application fee to the state. This typically requires that you submit proof of your degree and transcripts, 4 letters of recommendation from licensed psychologists, and documentation pertaining to your supervision. The state of Alabama also requires that you be at least 19 years of age and display excellent moral character. The state may also immediately set you up for background testing through fingerprinting after your application is submitted.
  • The state of Alabama recognizes different specializations from incoming psychologists to choose from. The state requires that you participate in a post-doctoral internship within your chosen field in order to be classified within that designation once licensed. Specialty options to choose from include Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and School Psychology.
  • Once your application is received and all documentation has been reviewed, the Board may then allow you to register for 2 examinations required for finalization. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is a multiple choice examination that is required nationwide for psychologist candidates. This exam may test your knowledge of assessment and treatment of complex psychological disorders, as well as your knowledge and practice according to ethics. Once you can submit passing scores to the Board you may then sit for the state ethics examination – the Alabama Professional Standards Examination. This test is required for practitioners in all fields and consists of questions related to Alabama-specific rules for practice in the field.
  • Your licensing in Psychology must be continuously maintained through continuing education and re-certification. The Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology requires that license holders completed at least 20 hours of CEUs each year to meet their requirements. The license renewal fee for Alabama psychologists is currently $200 per license cycle. Once you have received your initial license you can immediately begin to complete CEUs for your currently licensing cycle.

Alabama Board of Psychology

alabama-board-of-psychologyThe Alabama Board of Psychology is located in Montgomery, AL.

Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology
660 Adams Avenue
Suite 360
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 242-4127

A Number of Alabama Psychology Careers

With the median salary lingering at about $57,560 per year, psychology programs provide a stable career choice for individuals in Alabama. Psychology majors can work in professional settings such as schools, hospitals, private practices, and many more. Since the need for psychology majors is high, this is a preferred program for college students that are interested in the field of psychology.

Current trends indicate that the need for individuals with psychology degrees will only increase in the future, increasing the need for future psychology professionals. The medical field as well as the educational field increases in size yearly, indicating a desire for more qualified individuals. Obtaining a psychology degree in Alabama is the most effective way for individuals interested in the field of psychology to find an intriguing and satisfying career.

Alabama Psychology Jobs

Alabama Psychology Occupation Currently Employed Annual Salary Median Lowest 10% Salary Highest 90% Salary
Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists 660 $57,560 $38,420 $183,190
Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary 460 $64,160 $28,650 $120,980

Data for occupations in psychology in Alabama.
Counseling Psychologists:
Clinical Psychologists:

Clinical Psychologist Salaries in Alabama by City

Alabama Clinical Psychologists:
Annual Salaries by Metro Area
Low Range Median Range High Range
Columbus, GA-AL $48,700 $66,180 $136,800
Tuscaloosa, AL $35,960 $61,850 $85,130
Montgomery, AL $40,940 $50,610 $179,380
Birmingham-Hoover, AL $39,340 $47,330 $187,200+
Mobile, AL $30,710 $42,420 $75,740

Neighboring States

Depending on where you live in Alabama, a school in a neighboring state might be more convenient for your studies. You can find schools in Chattanooga on the Tennessee page, Pensacola schools are available on the Florida page, and educators in Columbus are on the Georgia Psychology schools page.

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List of Online Psychology Degrees

All Psychology Programs

Alabama A & M University
Normal AL
  • Bachelor’s of Arts (BS) in Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology and Counseling
Alabama State University
Montgomery AL
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Athens State University
Athens AL
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Auburn University at Montgomery
Montgomery AL
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Psychology Major
Birmingham Southern College
Birmingham AL
  • Psychology Major
Faulkner University
Montgomery AL
  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Huntingdon College
Montgomery AL
  • Psychology Major
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville AL
  • M.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Undergraduate Study in Psychology
Judson College
Marion AL
  • B.S. or B.A. in Psychology
Oakwood University
Huntsville AL
  • B.A. and B.S. in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology-Adult and Continuing Education (LEAP)
Samford University
Birmingham AL
  • Psychology BA Major 
South University-Montgomery
Montgomery AL
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Spring Hill College
Mobile AL
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Stillman College
Tuscaloosa AL
  • Psychology Major
Talladega College
Talladega AL
  • Psychology Program
Troy University
Troy AL
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Master of Science Counseling and Psychology - Clinical Mental Health
  • Master of Science Counseling and Psychology - General Counseling
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee AL
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa AL
  • Doctoral Program Educational Psychology
  • Doctoral program in clinical psychology
  • MA in Educational Psychology
  • PhD programs in Experimental psychology
  • Psychology Major
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville AL
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Psychology, BA
University of Mobile
Mobile AL
  • Psychology, B.A. and B.S.
University of Montevallo
Montevallo AL
  • Psychology Major
University of North Alabama
Florence AL
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.)
  • Major in Psychology
University of West Alabama
Livingston AL
  • MS in Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology Program