Delaware’s smaller population provides a quaint and studious environment for psychology students. Nestled in the Northeastern United States, Delaware is a place for families and social gatherings. In an area where family is priority, psychologists can flourish. With its population around 897,900, the state of Delaware contains 280 clinical psychological professionals.

Since this is the most popular field of study for psychologists in Delaware, it reflects the low number of professionals. These statistics indicate that Delaware has the potential to house a large number of psychologists.

There are five accredited universities located in Delaware including Delaware State University in Dover and The University of Delaware in Newark. These college towns are popular for psychology students seeking a promising and worthwhile career in psychological fields.

Psychology Degrees in Delaware

Workers in the field of psychology have the ability to earn from $51,640 to $125,350 per year in the state of Delaware. This is a higher figure for a lower populated state, meaning great opportunity for psychological professionals.

AVG Annual
Median Salary*
People Employed
in a Psychology Field*

*source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

When pursuing licensure in psychology in the state of Delaware, applicants must submit a notarized application for examination to the state department. Delaware requires that all applicants provide original copies of records prior to testing in order to verify that a degree has been obtained from an accredited university.

Workers in the field of psychology have the ability to earn from $51,640 to $125,350 per year in the state of Delaware, according to the US Department of Labor.

Applicants will typically undergo a criminal background check as well as a check for previous attempts of the licensure exam. Once the process and verification is complete, applicants will be permitted to take the license exam. Upon successful completion of the exam and meeting all of the other state of Delaware requirements, psychologists will be permitted to practice in the state.

Career opportunities are in abundance in many different areas of the state, making psychology an excellent choice for perspective college students. On average, psychologists in a clinical setting can gross $79,420 per year.

School Spotlight: University of Delaware

Since there are only four accredited psychology universities in Delaware, students tend to flock to the University of Delaware in Newark to obtain their degree.

The University of Delaware has a reputation for great teachers and an excellent curriculum. Students are given hands on training in different therapeutic techniques and behavioral studies. The graduate program includes a Ph.D. in four different areas of study: Clinical Science, Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Social Psychology. Students that attend the University of Delaware are shaped to provide the best service to the communities in which they serve.

Psychology Schools in Neighboring States

If you are unable to find the right fit within Delaware, review Psychology Degrees in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You might also find the right program for you at an Online Psychology Schools.

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