In a place where politics rules over most career choices, Washington D.C. still provides an excellent setting for psychology professionals. Since psychology is such an important aspect of today’s society, there is a constant need for new professionals in a number of different settings.

Clinical psychologists in D.C. earn from $37,510 to $159,920 per year, making the potential to earn higher than most other states. There are only 390 clinicians employed currently in Washington D.C., so there is plenty of room to grow. The universities and the employment opportunities in this area of the country are prosperous and make it a remarkable area to begin and settle into a career.

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Trends & Outlook for Psychology Careers

The employment possibilities for Washington D.C. are as vast as the histories of the area. The population of the District of Columbia is growing, marking a need for additional psychological professionals. The median income currently for clinical psychologists is $74,740, a high salary in comparison to most areas of the United States.

Licensure as a Psychologist in DC

The District of Columbia requires that applicants obtain a degree from one of the 9 accredited universities before applying for licensure. Work experience occurring after graduation is also required, as well as successful completion of the state exam in psychology.

These steps are meager in comparison to the rewarding lifestyle that will follow. Psychologists can work in one of many settings, from federal jobs to schools. Providing assistance to mental health patients is one career that provides ample salaries for families as well as being a satisfying career choice.

School Spotlight

As a school with over 11,000 students currently enrolled, Howard University provides all of the amenities needed for any prospective psychology student. This university is known for its prestigious degree programs and exceptional staff. Psychology students at this school are treated to a diverse learning platform that touches on the different aspects of psychology, from abnormal to child development, in order to truly expose learners to the vast field of psychology. Learners will walk away from universities such as this one with a degree they can be proud of. Courses at this university are structure so that students can truly take part in valid studies and research methods that will provide for an educated career in psychology.