Licensing Information for Psychology Careers

Companies in the tech and aerospace sectors have been attracting employees from outside the state. Therefore, the growth of Washington’s population increases the potential for profession opportunities in psychology. School psychologists, counselors, and clinical psychologists will be needed to support a growing population. Undergraduate degree holders are in demand for a lot of entry-level positions. Businesses also want psychology degree holders as a part of their companies. Having the knowledge of human behavior is an irreplaceable skill in today’s society.

Those graduates seeking a psychology license through the state of Washington must provide an application with proof of graduation from an accredited university to the state department for review.

The state board exam will be administered, testing the applicant’s knowledge in their particular field. Upon completion of the exam and necessary supervised experience, applicants are qualified to be licensed in Washington. This opens the doors for even more employment opportunities. Licensed clinical psychologists currently earn $66,850 on average per year in this state.

Washington State Examining Board of Psychology

wa-statepsyThe Washington State Examining Board of Psychology is located in Olympia. It is responsible for the licensing, monitoring, and educating of psychologists to ensure proper practices in the state. Psychology professionals will be pleased to see the ease of information provided by the state of Washington.

Washington State Examining Board of Psychology
P. O. Box 47877
Olympia, Washington 98504-7877
Phone (360) 236-4700

School Spotlight

Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, is a reputable school among psychology students. It sets itself apart from the larger universities throughout the state and provides excellent psychology degree programs. EWU provides degree programs on both the undergraduate and graduate level. The programs focus on developmental studies, clinical, and school counseling. Courses are administered according to relevance so learners receive a reliable educational program.

This university believes the students should be prepared for the workforce to the fullest of their potential. Therefore, having a strong curriculum is their main concern. Eastern Washington University is a great choice for students looking for a school with educational and success-oriented values.

Neighboring States

Aspiring students can find information about psychology schools in Portland in the list of Oregon Psychology Schools. Those living near Spokane or Pullman might also be interested in researching Idaho Psychology Schools. Online programs are also an option for those who would prefer to complete their studies from home.