Programs You Can Count On

The online Engineering Psychology Masters program may require that students engage in learning about different techniques associated with the field of engineering, as well as some of the most common topics in psychology. Online programs offering this degree can be a reliable resource for students that are new to these fields, as well as those that have undergraduate degrees in either. Some students considering online programs have questions about the quality of these programs in comparison to traditional degree programs. Since online programs are eligible for the same types of accreditation as traditional programs, they are considered comparable in quality.

What to Expect

After you have submitted your application, turned in all of the required documents, and chosen your first class, you should be prepared to indulge in an excellent and enlightening experience in the online classroom. The online Engineering Psychology Masters program can teach you more about this incredible field through advanced classes and interactive course room tools.

Most classes may require that you take part in research papers, exams, and class discussions regarding engineering psychology scenarios that you might see in the field. Some universities offering this program may also require that you take part in some in-person experiences as part of your program, which can include working for organizations under professional engineering psychologists.

Example Programs

Now that you have read about all of the benefits associated with online Engineering Psychology Masters programs, you might like to see a few schools to help with your search. Along with the schools, our team has also listed the tuition prices associated with each program in order to give you a better idea of what to expect during your own search.

The costs of higher education continue to rise as the years pass, making quick entry into a program a great idea for interested learners. Financial aid options for these programs can be found through local/college scholarship opportunities or even federal student aid. Check out a few schools that are currently offering this program.

Grand Canyon University

$515 per credit hour – 1-2 years to complete

The age of technology has brought about new challenges for engineering professionals interested in creating the more efficient products and services. Through Grand Canyon University’s online masters program, students can learn how to connect people with machines and programs in order to provide the best possible result for developers. This program can teach students more about the utility of various products and services, as well as instruct skills on how analyze consumer performance and activity with each.

Georgia Tech University

Hybrid – $18,736 per year with fees – 2 years to complete

The Masters in Engineering Psychology at Georgia Tech University can help to educate students about creating relevant products and services for consumer use. This type of discipline can be useful for students interested in applying their skills in psychology to a wide range of subject areas, specifically engineering. This program can help train students on how to analyze human behavior and make predictions about utilization based on their findings.