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Online Forensic Psychology Master’s Degree

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University Program Admissions
Concordia University - Saint Paul MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health
Get the skills you need for a career at the intersection of behavioral health, criminal justice and the legal system.
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Forensics from a Psychological Perspective

Studies into the human mind and its processes can be useful in many fields other than just general psychology. Attempts at understanding how people process information and even explanations of behavior can be exceptional tools in fields involved in criminal justice and the U.S. legal system. Blending these 2 fascinating fields can lead you into the online Forensics Masters Degree in Psychology.

The goal of this incredible field is to help people better understand criminal behavior and its antecedents so that creative and effective interventions can be put into place in the future. Within this degree program, students can begin studies about how personal development, genetics, and social influence play a role in the occurrence of criminal behavior. This information can then be used to develop helpful prevention plans and rehabilitation programs for criminal offenders all over the country.

Another important skill learned in online Forensic Masters Degrees is the administration of psychological assessments. Professionals interested in becoming a part of the field of forensic psychology may be responsible for administering these psychological tests on people that have committed crimes of varying natures.

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Why Students Choose Online Degree Programs

Students considering masters degree programs may be looking for options that best fit into their busy schedules. The implementation of online learning has been a turning point for higher education, since more students can have access to the degree programs they need to change their lives. These programs can be a great way for students to learn more about specialized fields that interest them, as well as gain practical skills that can help them land the job of their dreams. If you are one of the many people that are interested in pursuing greater opportunities in the field or in your current position, online Forensics Masters degrees may be a great option to consider.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the most well-known advantages to online education is found within the scheduling and attendance expectations. Online degree programs provide students with the freedom to indulge in as many classes as they prefer, which can result in more power over their graduation date. If you are currently working a full-time job or just have many personal responsibilities to work around, you might be intrigued by the fact that you have access to your course work at any time during the day. Most students in online degree programs prefer the flexible option when compared to traditional learning options, since they can log in and complete their work when it is convenient for them.

University Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Online Psychology and Counseling Degrees
Multiple programs: Bachelors in Psychology, Master's in Experimental Psychology (Clinical, Healht & Sports Psych), Family Counseling, Guidance and Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and more.
Pepperdine University Online Master of Psychology
Choose your path at Pepperdine: pursue licensure as either an LMFT or LPC and serve diverse clients with our online master’s in clinical psychology.
Butler University Online Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling
Cover topics like fundamental counseling theory, trauma and crisis response, and psychopharmacology. No GRE Required.
Concordia University - Saint Paul MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health
Get the skills you need for a career at the intersection of behavioral health, criminal justice and the legal system.
University of Southern California Master's in School Counseling Online
Prepare to become a school counselor in grades K–12 with a Master of Education in School Counseling online from the USC Rossier School of Education. No GRE required.
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Complete Work from Anywhere

Another added benefit to online Forensic Masters programs is that students can find more cost-efficient methods for higher learning. If you were to enroll in an online program in this field, you could complete your course work from your very own home. This can eliminate the need for added housing and commute costs that can increase the size of your degree's bill in the end.

These types of programs can allow you the freedom to live and visit in places of your choosing without having to consider relocating to a college campus to complete your program. If you already have daily responsibilities associated with your career or just simply enjoy traveling to different places regularly, online degree programs can be a great option for you to consider to advance your career.

Regardless of where you are located, online courses can be accessed via the internet through your school's webpage. This convenient method of attendance is part of what makes these programs so attractive for students in psychology-based programs.

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Great Quality of Education

As you search through online degree programs in your field, you should take a look at programs that can offer you the best quality. In today’s society, online degree programs undergo the same level of scrutiny as traditional degree programs. This means that accreditation agencies thoroughly review a school’s degree offerings and programs to ensure that the quality of these programs is comparable to what is offered in the traditional environment.

Some programs offered in the online setting may also be taught by the same instructors that teach students on campus. While convenience and flexibility are 2 huge components considered during your decision process, you should also carefully review the quality of any program that you may be considering.

Although forensic psychology does not require any specific licensure to work in the field, later certification and licensure can require you to complete a degree program that has been officially accredited.

Your Online Experience

From the first day of your online degree experience, you may find that your program mirrors what you may have seen in the traditional environment. Students log in to their first course, read their course syllabus, and introduce themselves to the class via an online discussion tool. General course requirements online may involve a weekly discussion requirement, as well as research papers or individual assignments that require students to engage in both the class textbook and outside resource exploration.

Some masters-level courses may also contain examinations that can be completed online, which can be completed through the online classroom. Looking at the entire program as a whole, students may be expected to complete a course project near the end of their program, which requires students to explore a specific topic of interest in their field in depth. Some programs may also require students to locate a placement for a supervised internship or practicum experience in which they will work in during the last 2 semesters of their program. During these experiences, students can work alongside actual forensic psychologists in the field in order to learn more about the tasks associated with this field.

Example Programs

Now that you have learned so much about online Forensic Master’s Degrees in Psychology, you should decide on whether this program is the best option for what you want your career to look like. This degree program can lead you into fascinating sub-field of criminal justice and psychology, which can help you to contribute to better knowledge about criminal behavior overall.

The next step for you is to locate an online program that can provide you with what you need to succeed in the field. Our team of educational experts has researched online programs in this field in order to provide you with example programs below.

Southern New Hampshire University

$627 per credit hour – 15 months for completion

Students that choose to pursue their online Forensic Master’s in Psychology can take advantage of the convenient program offered by Southern New Hampshire University. This program can help students explore the relationship between psychology and the legal field, which can lead to careers involved with law enforcement and criminal justice. This program can help you gain a better understanding of mental processes associated with criminal behavior in society as it stands today.

Arizona State University

$522 – $1,397 per credit hour – 1-2 years depending on enrollment

If you choose Arizona State University for your online program, you can gain a proactive outlook on how criminal behavior originates and manifests in people all over the country. This information can give you skills relevant to assessing the psychological state of criminals in the field, developing programs to help thwart the development of criminals within communities, and knowledge to help you profile criminals during criminal investigations.

List of Programs

University Level Program Admissions
Concordia University - Saint Paul
Master MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health Website
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