Commendable Quality

If you are one of the many students considering online degree programs, you probably would like to know more about how reliable these programs can be for your future goals. In the last ten years, more and more universities have started to offer online options for their degree programs, due to the rise in interest and popularity of these types of programs. Online degree programs are now a part of some of the most popular universities in the country and contain nearly the same elements as their traditional counterparts.

Regional and program accreditation is a major component to look for when researching online educational programs. Even though online programs are offered in a much more flexible format, they are still subject to the same quality requirements as traditional degrees. Universities should list accreditation information on their school’s website for you to review.

What to Expect in Online General Masters Degrees

As a student in an online General Master’s in Psychology program, you should expect to learn more about the various subfields of psychology and how they can be applied in society. From day 1 of your online degree experience, you may find that you have access to ample course information via your course’s website, communication tools to help you discuss topics with other students and your instructor, and research tools to help you succeed in your studies.

As you move through your program, you may also be required to exercise your skills in a real-world setting as part of your practicum requirements. Some schools have no in-person requirements while others may require 1 or more experiences in order to graduate. Be sure to review these expectations prior to enrolling in any specific program.

Example Programs

Your next step should be locating a degree program that offers you the degree program that can help you meet your goals while meeting all of your convenience needs. The online General Master’s in Psychology program can be found at universities all over the country, making this a great option for students ready for widespread and available programs.

Our team of educational experts has searched through online programs in order to provide you with a few example to begin your search. In the list below, you can see a couple of programs, their prices, and average completion dates. Use this information to compare degree programs that you find along the way.

Nova Southeastern University

$755 per credit hour – 2 years for full-time students

Nova Southeastern University currently offers a 30 credit hour program for students interested in learning about the overall field of psychology. This degree program can help you prepare for diverse career options involved with working with the public, analyzing the psychological aspects of human behavior, and applying your skills in settings that can benefit people within your community.

Grand Canyon University

$687.50 per credit hour – 1-2 years for most students

Students intrigued by the human mind and its processes can be great candidates for the online General Master’s offered by Grand Canyon University. This program can provide you with higher knowledge in some of the general aspects of psychology, such as cognition, social psychology, and behavioral studies. Completion of this program can lead you into many fascinating fields involved with social interaction, public service, and even human welfare services.