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Online School Counseling Master’s Degree

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University Program Admissions
University of Southern California Master's in School Counseling Online
Prepare to become a school counselor in grades K–12 with a Master of Education in School Counseling online from the USC Rossier School of Education. No GRE required.
Our Lady of the Lake University Master of Arts - School Counseling
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A Look at School Counseling Master's Degrees

Becoming involved in psychology-based degree programs can lead you into careers that positively influence people around you. One thing to consider when choosing a degree major to pursue throughout your career is which group of people within society you are most passionate about working with. A lot of upcoming students interested in working with children and adolescents may find degree programs such as the online School Counseling Master's program an excellent choice to help get them into the field of their choice.

Online School Counseling Master's degrees can lead you into careers involved with guiding youth within school systems. School counselors can work as advocates for students, as well as a support system for students that attend school throughout the day. Some of the common tasks for professionals in this field may be assisting students with managing emotions that manifest from personal or educational influences, collegiate planning, vocational training, and positive social influence. School counselors may also be a primary resource for students experiencing conflict that can interfere with their ability to learn effectively.

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Online Degree Programs

Enrolling in the online form of this degree program can mean extended flexibility and convenience for your college experience. Some students may choose to stay employed throughout the duration of their program, which may require extreme convenience with their online degree process.

As you can read in the sections below, there are several added benefits associated with the online School Counseling Master's degree program. Consider what aspects are most important to you within this programs so that you know what to look for during your search.

Flexible Scheduling and Attendance

The most prominent aspect of online School Counseling Master's degrees is their flexibility. Students choosing this path for their education can take advantage of the option to take as many classes as the desire each semester, which can be great for current professionals that are interested in balancing a busy schedule and learning, or for students capable of taking multiple classes due to the ability to attend from their very own home.

The completion time frame of this program can also be an aspect that puts students in control of their program. Online degree programs in this field can be adjusted to fit the needs of students enrolled, which can be very attractive for students that wish to graduate within a particular time frame.

University Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Online Psychology and Counseling Degrees
Multiple programs: Bachelors in Psychology, Master's in Experimental Psychology (Clinical, Healht & Sports Psych), Family Counseling, Guidance and Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and more.
Pepperdine University Online Master of Psychology
Choose your path at Pepperdine: pursue licensure as either an LMFT or LPC and serve diverse clients with our online master’s in clinical psychology.
Butler University Online Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling
Cover topics like fundamental counseling theory, trauma and crisis response, and psychopharmacology. No GRE Required.
Concordia University - Saint Paul MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health
Get the skills you need for a career at the intersection of behavioral health, criminal justice and the legal system.
University of Southern California Master's in School Counseling Online
Prepare to become a school counselor in grades K–12 with a Master of Education in School Counseling online from the USC Rossier School of Education. No GRE required.
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Ease of Access in Courses

If you have ever seen an online classroom, you may be familiar with the convenient layout and accessibility. Students can log in to their courses from any location, making this an incredible aspect for those interested in maximum convenience. Online degree programs in this field can provide students with the ability to complete their coursework from their own home or even while on the go. The internet is the guiding resource for students enrolled in these programs and is what makes these programs so flexible for those interested.

Great Quality Programs

School counselors are required to become licensed prior to obtaining any positions in their local school systems. This means that online programs must contain the right type of accreditation to set them on track for future licensure. Online School Counseling Master's programs can contain the accreditation needed to meet this goal. Accreditation can mean great quality educational programs that have been reviewed and contain all of the necessary elements for upcoming school counseling professionals.

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) is the leading accreditation agency for counseling degree programs in the U.S. As you look through different online programs that interest you, you should be sure to locate and review the accreditation information for each. This organization's seal of approval can mean better opportunities and more reliable knowledge that can help you throughout your career.

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What You Should Know

Your online program can be customizable depending on what you require as a student. Online courses may require that you log in a minimum of 1-2 times per week. During the week you may be responsible for completing research assignments, discussions, or even quizzes via your online course room. Online classes typically provide you with access to resources that can help you engage in studying and the completion of projects throughout your experience.

Communication in online courses can also be convenient with discussion and email tools built-in to your course room. As part of online school counseling programs, students may be required to locate and take part in a supervised internship experience. This can involve working alongside licensed school counselors in an educational setting to observe how this knowledge translates to progress in the field. The length of time you spend in this experience can vary depending on your university, so be sure to review these requirements prior to enrolling.

Example Programs

The online School Counseling Master’s degree programs available throughout the United States can provide you with the skills necessary to properly guide school children through their everyday experiences and challenges. You can also learn more about methods for success in high school students, as well as standard collegiate and vocational preparation methods that can be beneficial to students planning their future. Your next step should be locating a school that can help you achieve your goal of future licensing.

Check out a few example schools below to help you along the way.

Walden University

$435 per credit hour – 1-3 years depending on enrollment status

Walden University can be a great resource for upcoming school counselors interested in positively influencing students in the public school system. This CACREP-accredited online program provides students with a standard and advanced track, which can help you customize your experience to the fullest extent. As part of this program’s requirements, students must take part in 2 on-campus practicum requirements that can help bring studies into the real-world environment.

Adams State University

$435 per credit hour – 2-4 years to complete

The online School Counseling Master’s degree program at Adams State University can be an incredible option for students interested in a completely online option for their education. This 60 credit hour program can include concepts to help strengthen your knowledge in your field as well as make you a great resource for students in need of guidance. As part of this program, you may be required to engage in supervised internship requirements to help translate your skills to the real-world setting.

List of Programs

University Level Program Admissions
University of Southern California
Master Master's in School Counseling Online Website
Our Lady of the Lake University
Master Master of Arts - School Counseling Website
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